Monday, March 18, 2013

Shopping Around at ASD Las Vegas

There is that road sign Zzyzx Road

ASD Las Vegas began yesterday. Thank goodness I had vendors written down to look at the first day because even with a list I got lost. I found myself wandering at times but it was an interesting interlude. I began my adventure with driving to Las Vegas. It is a long drive but I was hopeful that I would see some desert wildflowers this spring. Alas the flowers were not in bloom. I did pass that road sign for Zzyzx Road. I have never been able to pronounce it and probably never will.

 This is only half of one level

The line for will call was huge and it did take some time to get our badges. Note to self, next time, go have breakfast first then go and get the badge. The first vendor on our list had a wonderful selection of fine writing instruments and I was able to place an order that will go well with the items in our store. We did pass through the gourmet food section; while not super large they had some wonderful treats.

 There are two halls with two floors each

The smell was a huge draw. The company that made candies nuts could be smelled all the way across the convention hall. I tried some really great turkey jerky and an interesting seasoned cracker. They had chocolate wine that was similar to a liqueur. There was also candy, chocolates, gourmet jelly and hot sauces. The hot sauces were not only very good but they had interesting packaging.

 This is the bottom of the hookah

By far the most interesting section had the world’s largest hookah. It was not only huge it actually smoked. There were many vendors selling hookahs and various flavoring. As far as I could tell it was a hot item. It was described as flavored water vapor. I smelled some of the gel that is put inside the hookah and it smelled like strawberries, very unusual. I still have vendors to visit on my list so I will continue to be busy this week. I’m hoping to have more pictures on my next post, sorry but I got sidetracked, it’s hard to stay focused at ASD Las Vegas there is so much to see.
It was actually smoking, you could see it across the convention hall

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