Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Know Your Closet

In truth, my pile was bigger

I know I’ve said this before, it is spring cleaning time after all and what better spring cleaning project than your closet. Not only do you get a clean closet but you can also do some shopping to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. I actually sort through my closet when the mood strikes me. It can be after long intervals or maybe every few weeks. I recently was disgusted with my inability to find something to wear and started pulling things out of my closet.


Now I didn’t so a whole closet overhaul, I have way too much stuff for that. I did however go over a couple of racks and took out all of the larger sizes that just didn’t fit anymore. I also took out all those sweaters that shrunk weird or got worn out. Yes I loved some of them, but let’s face it, I was never going to wear them again because they just became too old and over washed and they looked funky on me.


I sometimes wonder if Goodwill cringes when they see me with all those bags
What was truly shocking was how many bags of clothing came out of that small section of closet. Apparently I have honed stuffing a closet with clothing into a fine art. There was also way too much stuff that hadn’t been worn in quite a while. I think it was time to get rid of that silk Hawaiian print shirt. On the plus side I also found a few items I have forgotten about and are still in wearable condition.


I found two pairs of old jeans, one is just okay but look good with boots and are brand new another pair were very old, super soft and fit just right. I actually went out and bought a new silk blouse at H&M to go with them. It gives just the right combination of old and new. I wear them with my navy blazer and some tan loafer and it looks pretty sharp. So cleaning out a closet doesn’t have to be traumatic you might even find an old friend.
This silk blouse from H&M is awesome

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