Friday, March 1, 2013

It’s Shorts, It’s a Suit, It’s a Short Suit

Yes, this is an extreme version of the short suit

The most confusing suit of the spring season is the short suit. I’m not talking about a suit that is short, meaning a shorter skirt or pants. I think this was called a “shrunken suit” a few seasons back. What I’m talking about is an actual suit that has shorts in place of the skirt or pants. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’m going to be investing in a short suit anytime soon. It just doesn’t seem age appropriate or an outfit whereby one can be taken seriously. Problem is they’re becoming kind of hot this season.

 Amanda Seyfried dons one for an event

Generally speaking you put on a suit for job interviews, business events or anytime you want to present yourself as a professional. Adding shorts to the mix just doesn’t work for me. I guess you could wear a short suit to go out and have a little fun, but that doesn’t feel right either. Shorts are by their very nature casual. Something we wear while hiking, going to the beach or a picnic. A formal jacket is in fact, formal, and doesn’t lend itself well to outdoor activities. These two pieces seem at cross purposes.

 Variations hit the runway

So why would someone want to pair shorts and a formal jacket together? Some say that it’s a fun look and they like the idea of taking something traditional and stuffy and making it carefree. They are also quick to point out that the pieces don’t have to match. You can wear a tuxedo jacket with black shorts and still pull off this look. One thing that stands out with the presentation of this look is the age of the wearer. Most are quite young, thirty or under and those who are older are in fabulous condition. You have to be when so much leg is being shown.

 Go metallic with a long coat

There are also apparently rules when wearing a short suit. I’ve noticed quite a lot of high heeled pumps. The shorts are there to showcase your legs and nothing shows your legs better than a pair of heels. I’ve also noticed that while the shorts are short, they aren’t Daisy Dukes, keep it within reason. I saw one short suit that featured Bermuda shorts that might actually work. Lastly, keep the top half demure. No low cut blouses or see-thru tops. Something silky, feminine and adds a little coverage is the best way to go. If you’re brave I would suggest a short suit this spring otherwise you just might want to sit back and wait. Things that are hot one minute sometimes cool quickly and you wouldn’t want to invest until you know.
This is more my speed

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