Monday, March 11, 2013

Is Vintage Just another Word for Used?

Channel is always classic

You see a lot of items for sale on EBay, Esty and other websites proclaiming that the item they are offering are vintage. Portero Luxury has a lot of vintage Channel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes all in excellent condition. I have to admit that I’ve cruised these websites and saw a lot of really beautiful handbags and jewelry pieces. Some of which I would love to own if only I had that kind of money. Alas I do not.
 Who wouldn't want a Hermes

But this does get one thinking, is vintage just another word for used. Most of the item featured have been “gently” used. They are of course in perfect condition and may have had a thorough refurbishing. I looked up the word vintage in the dictionary and it gives contradicting definitions. One definition is “characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal, classic” and it also says “old or outmoded.” So which is it, it can’t be both. I think I’m going with the enduring appeal and classic definition.

 A Birkin is beautiful

Many items have enduring appeal. Handbags and scarves, pearls and diamonds, even certain clothing styles have endured over the years. It makes sense to purchase an item gently used if it has these features and it tends to run in the expensive range. Both of my fur coats are vintage. The full length mink was passed down from my mother and the shorter stroller length mink was purchased used. It’s a smart move since fur is expensive new and isn’t worn often. Even though you will own a fur coat for years, it makes better financial sense to purchase used.

 You can wear this Hermes scarf forever

While websites that sell vintage abound, you can also find great vintage deals at thrift stores, flea markets, festivals and even Esty. We have a Harvest Festival at the Fairgrounds every year and I’ve found beautiful Art Deco pins and rhinestone jewelry. You have to be careful while sorting through these pieces, some may not have been gently used, and in fact they may have had a hard life. If there is still some life left in a piece of jewelry or accessory it makes sense to either continue to use it or maybe sell it for a little income. This is why vintage is so popular.
David Yurman has classic designs

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