Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Industrial Jewelry

Love the Cartier nail bracelet

Spikes and nails, metal and leather, it can be Punk, Goth or have Biker flair, these are all aspects of industrial jewelry. Industrial jewelry adds a little bit of an edge to frilly and girly fashions. You’ve seen it when a woman wears a sweet flower print dress and a leather biker jacket. The edge makes the outfit age appropriate. I don’t care how old you are, a floral dress, Mary Janes and pigtails are only appropriate on a child, but lose the pigtails, trade the Mary Janes for spiked heels and add a leather jacket, now you’re talking.


Industrial jewelry consists of faux nails bent into rings or bracelets, earrings with dangly spikes. It looks hard, has a rough edge, it appears to be hand carved or made from scrap metal pieces. It is different from molded jewelry with fine edges and you would never describe it as elegant or delicate. It will have weight or give the appearance of weight and heft and it generally means business.


Industrial jewelry isn’t reserved for chicks in leather jackets and boots. It can be worn with delicate fabrics to keep an outfit from looking too sweet. It works well with minimalist outfits that have simple smooth lines. Image a white suit with a gold spiked necklace that lies across the collar bone. Silk pants with a wide leg and matching sleeveless collared shirt would look awesome with wide hammered metal cuffs or a couple of those Cartier Nail Bracelets.


This look also can be a DIY project. There are tons of tutorials on the internet on how to turn hardware store items into jewelry. You can also add a little Steampunk feel by reusing vintage jewelry or watch pieces. Spring is the perfect time to try something a little different and since the weather is still pretty mild you might want to keep that leather jacket handy and add a little industrial jewelry for a completely fashionable look.
If you're handy you can make your own jewelry!

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