Friday, March 29, 2013

I Remember the Colors of Spring

Brightly colored Easter dresses are a tradition

For many their earliest memories of Easter involve color. We would go to church and seeing all the new dresses and hats, Easter baskets with their colorful candy and spring was also on the way. I remember going to church with my Grandma and seeing all the ladies in their pastel dresses. It was the era of lemon yellow and lime green. Some even wore florals but all were colorful including their offspring.


I also remember chocolate rabbits wrapped in Technicolor foil, plastic eggs filled with colorful jelly beans and everything held in a basket with green plastic grass. That is probably why when I think of Easter I think of the renewal of spring and all of the beautiful colors. There is of course a more significant meaning but as a child I didn’t always grasp this important concept. The things we remember as children come back to us the easiest but usually without all the details.


Who can forget their childhood Easter baskets
I do miss the Easter egg hunts that I participated in as a child and of course the ones I staged for my children who are now all grown. I won’t be buying an Easter basket filled with candy, although I could probably make a centerpiece for the dining room table. A clear vase filled with pastel candies if I truly wanted to indulge.


So those of you with little ones enjoy these moments and take lots of pictures. The rest of us can enjoy all the colors of spring and the holiday weekend. It will hopefully bring all the promise of renewal and hope. Some warmer weather and blooming flowers will be desired as well. Happy Easter everyone.
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