Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Wear High-Waist Jeans

Keep everything sleek and in proportion

There are certain styles that come in and out of fashion. Over the many years that I’ve been following fashion I’ve been in and out of style, usually not by design. I’ve found some trends that work for me and have used them over the years. The boyfriend blazer, rugged leather boots and cardigan sets, obviously not all at the same time, or maybe... Recently I found out that I was wearing a trend, high waist jeans.


Apparently wearing jeans and pencil skirts with a high waist is trendy. Part of the reason high-waist jeans are popular is quite simple, they are flattering. No need to worry about the dreaded muffin top as a high-waist jean usually sits above the danger zone. Now I’m not talking about sky high waistlines, but a waistline that is just over that area at the fleshiest part of our hips. High-waist jeans works like Spanx and hold everything in a little and can smooth out the hip area.

 I don't think Jessica Simpson looks that horrible

These jeans also elongate the leg by creating a slight visual trick that makes the eye go up and down. Now who doesn’t want their legs to look longer? The reason I’m trendy by accident is I wear longs when it comes to jeans. Most of my height is in my legs but I unfortunately have a short waist. Talls or long jeans also have a higher rise naturally; this causes them to sit a little higher on me. I’ve always appreciated this fit because those low-rise jeans are so uncomfortable when you sit down. I felt like I was flashing everyone, not my intention.


When purchasing a jean with a higher rise just keep in mind that fit really counts. Don’t go too baggy and definitely don’t go too high. Remember the Jessica Simpson “Mom Jean” incident? You can wear a skinny high-waist jean with a really sleek blouse; keep the proportion right otherwise you risk looking frumpy. You can also accent your waist with a skinny belt to nip in your waistline a little bit. The high-waist jean might not be a trend for everyone but I bet a lot of women will find that it’s just right.
A high waist can really elongate your body

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