Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey...Do You Need a Watch?

There were rows of watches

Today a watch not only tells time, it is a fashion statement. Just as handbags and shoes say a lot about a woman, a watch says a lot about a man. It shows that he has taken the time (pardon the pun) to accessorize. For years men only accessorized when they wore a suit. The accessories included tie clips, cuff links and of course wrist or pocket watches. Now that dress is more casual and eclectic, men are accessorizing their everyday outfits.


The watch is an intricate part of style and I found dozens of watches at ASD Las Vegas. I would have to say after handbags, watches were the largest vendor category. Just about every other vendor sold watches. While some carried very similar watches in style and price, there were many vendors selling higher end watches. In the “Cash & Carry” section there were vendors selling everything from new Rolexes to gently used and refurbished Cartier’s.

 Some were brightly colored

In what I would term the “fashion watch” department, there were vendors selling inexpensive watches that looked really good but had a reasonable price tag. This is important as not everyone can afford a designer watch. This is especially important for those who wish to look fashionable. The construction was quite good and since quartz watchmakers have it down, they are quite accurate. The fact that there are so many vendors selling watches just goes to show that watches are a true fashion statement.


While we carry a large selection of watches in our store there are always new styles to consider. If someone wants to remain fashionable they have to accessorize with the latest and a reasonably priced watch is one way to accomplish this task. I am particularly liking the tortoise shell band watches and of course ceramic watches. The bling and large dial watches still seem to be popular. There are so many beautiful watches to choose from, yet not enough wrists to wear them on.
Some were themed, Masonic watches


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