Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Found Some Wonderful Things at ASD Las Vegas

Gee Honey, can I have two?

We are on our second day at ASD Las Vegas. It was a long and grueling day. I think I got a month’s worth of walking in and I won’t have to worry about that donut I had for breakfast. I know I worked it off. We visited the fashion and accessories section which also had a small section called “Cash & Carry.” This section has really great pricing on beautiful items. You simply find what you love, buy it and walk away with your treasure.

 There were handbags...

I of course found my heart’s desire, a five carat diamond surrounded by three carats of paved diamonds. It was a great deal at $53,000.00, down from the retail price of $171,000.00. Unfortunately, my hubby didn’t agree. So I’m sorry to say that it will stay at ASD Las Vegas. I did however find some interesting merchandise. I also looked at a very large selection of handbags.

 and more handbags...

It is amazing how many vendors are selling handbags. It is important to note that there is a great deal of variation between the quality and style of the handbags from vendor to vendor. Some are quite trendy while others are more conservative. I didn’t purchase any handbags but I did get some evening bags. I’m hopeful that they will be well liked. I certainly like what I purchased for the store. I also saw quite a few displays that had me scratching my head.

 and one really big handbag

There was a display of some really wild tights. I’m not sure how they would be worn but I’m kind of sure they would be considered a fashion faux pas. I also saw quite a few hat places with some questionable headgear. It seemed that most of the fashion apparel was more orientated to women, although I did see a few menswear items. My mind is still spinning from the large assortment of items and it will take a while to figure everything out, but I highly recommend the experience.
Not sure about these tights

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