Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding the Perfect Dress for You

The strips on this dress are universally flattering, they draw the eye in then down to elongate the body

Now that we sprung forward in our time keeping, we can safely say that spring is around the corner. Spring is dress season and there are many beautiful dresses to be found in local stores. I know that spring is near because I saw three or more women; I lost count, at the grocery store wearing shorts and flip flops yesterday. While a dress is an easy outfit to put on in the morning, it needs minimal thought, only the right dress for your body will do this trick. It also looks a heck of a lot better than shorts and flip flops.


Since there are as many different body types as there are stars in the sky, it’s not always easy to find the right dress for you. Here are some tips. First know what you are trying to achieve in regards to your body. Do you have a large bust, a small bust, slim hips or heavy hips, a tiny waist or straight up and down? If you don’t know what you are trying to hide or emphasize you won’t know where to begin. Universally, stripes that go up and down will elongate the body. A cropped sweater with three quarter sleeves will not only keep you warm if the temperature drops but covers upper arms.


Tougher fixes include downplaying hips and thighs, concealing a tummy or finding a style that flatters a fuller figure. Fuller figures work best with the simple sheath dress. Just find a slightly stiffer or heavy fabric, no jersey knits, fabrics with body will lie flatter and fall over your body without clinging.  When concealing a tummy look for a dress with off center gathers, the wonderful faux wrap dress in a jersey knit, I have three and they work great. The gathers hide my tummy bulge without adding bulk.


For those who are trying to hide their hips and thighs I recommend a full skirt but no stiff fabrics. You want the waistline to be defined and the fabric to be a soft jersey, that way the dress will skim over your curves, you want it to drape. The A-line dress is perfect because it tapers in and you can further highlight your waist with a cute belt. An A-line dress is a classic and comes in an abundance of patterns. Dresses are an easy outfit and once you find a style that flatters your body you can get ready in a snap because we’re all pressed for time. After all, we lost an hour last weekend.
The classic sheath dress works on fuller figures by gently hugging your curves

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