Friday, March 8, 2013

Does Anyone Need Some Mary Kay Products?

Mary Kay TimeWise skincare products $92.00 if purchased separately, purchase as the Miracle Set and get it all plus a foundation for $90.00

As many of you probably already know, I’ve become a Mary Kay representative. It was mostly so I could get wonderful skin and makeup products inexpensively. So far it is working out, but like many people who have a problem with pretty things, I see a new lipstick shade or eye shadow color and then I want it. This eventually leads me to placing an order. I do need some blush, a lipstick and of course some 3-in-1 skin cleanser.


This is my way of letting anyone who would like some Mary Kay products know that I can order you anything from the Mary Kay product line. Mary Kay has some really awesome products and since I started using their TimeWise skincare line I’ve seen some outstanding results. My skin is more even in tone and my pores have actually gotten smaller. I was once told that I have very soft skin so I can’t say if there has been a difference in that department. Overall I would have to say Mary Kay skincare products have improved my skin. That’s saying a lot since I use Perricone MD prior to Mary Kay.


I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the Satin Hands products. It is truly wonderful and makes your hands so soft. If you’re like me winter has been hard on your hands and the softeners and scrubs make short work of all those dry spots. It comes in two fragrances, fragrance-free and peach scented. I haven’t tried the peach so I can’t say what it smells like, probably peach. The fragrance-free is quite pleasant and really does the job. Bonus, you can use this product on your feet for smooth and soft toes in between pedicures.

 Love the Creme Lipstick and only $15.00

In order to promote these wonderful products I’m running a special right now. I will be placing the order by March 26th so if you order before then I will give away a beautiful evening bag with any order of $65.00 or more (plus taxes and shipping if applicable). The Satin Hands set is $34.00 so you’re halfway there. The TimeWise Miracle Set is $90.00 and comes with 3-in-1 cleanser, Age Fighting moisturizer, Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35, Night Solution and you’re choice of Mary Kay foundation. The first four products are $92.00 retail if bought separately. So let me know if you need some product I’ll be placing that order on March 26th.
Mary Kay Satin Hands is amazing and only $34.00!

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