Thursday, March 14, 2013

Denim Jeans are Forever

The iconic James Dean in denim

You know that old slogan, diamonds are forever, in reality denim is forever. Denim material has been around forever and the ever popular denim jean has been a staple of everyone’s wardrobe since the 1950s. The denim jean was invented by Jacob David and Levi Strauss in 1873. Jeans were popular with workers and became a big success in San Francisco California, my hometown, because of their durability. In the 1950s they were associated with the James Dean's rebellious character in the movie Rebel without a Cause.

 Armani does a denim dress

I remember when we were not allowed to wear jeans to school back in the early 70s. I guess I was on the cusp because by the time I reached middle school they were allowed. I never went to a private school but at one time dress codes were enforced by public schools and there was no denim allowed. Now many public schools are requiring uniforms for all students. How boring for them. Wearing denim jeans to school was so thrilling at first; nowadays I can’t image not having several pairs in my closet.

 7 For All Mankind has flared denim

While every decade has had its hits and misses when it comes to styling denim, no one can dispute the longevity of the fabric. It is a staple of the American wardrobe and I’m sure every woman has several pairs. What I find humorous are women who don’t own a pair of jeans. This would include my mother. While discussing wardrobe options with my mother for an upcoming cruise I suggested denim jeans and a striped boatneck t-shirt for sightseeing trips. She could add a cardigan or light safari jacket if it becomes cold; she said she didn’t own a pair of jeans, shocking! I’ve heard the average closet has seven pairs of jeans.

 The denim jacket hits the red carpet

Personally I love skinny jeans that come to rest right at the ankles. You can wear them with sleek oxfords, sandals or dress them up with heels. They work great for tucking into boots and pairing them with a slouchy sweater. One of the most remarkable aspects of denim jeans is their versatility. They’ve gone from workman’s clothing to everyday wear and can even be dressed up for a nightclub. How many garments can claim that? If you don’t have a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, get a pair, once you try them you’ll love them. It’s an iconic look.
A little cutie in denim overalls, I say start um young!

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