Friday, March 15, 2013

ASD Las Vegas 2013

They have watches

If you don’t know what ASD Las Vegas is, you’re missing out on the world’s greatest shopping experience. Not only do they have everything, everything is at wholesale prices. If you own a store, internet or otherwise I cannot recommend this event more highly, it begins this Sunday March 17th and runs through Wednesday March 20th.

 Beautiful watches

This is the time of year that I love my job. I am going on a buying mission and looking for new items to place in my store and to talk to old vendors who have new spring lines. I have my list together and have even mapped out locations. I’ve been told that this year there will be a gourmet food section. While this is not a product that I carry in my store I will go and take a look and a taste. Who can resist cookies, chocolate, jelly and other goodies? I’ve also heard they will be giving out free samples, yum!

All kinds of jewelry 

Since I will be in Las Vegas all next week I will be blogging from the show. I will try and give a good idea of the scope of the show from my vantage point. It always seems so huge and if you allow yourself to become overwhelmed you surely will. I have gotten lost looking for a vendor but these trips off the beaten path have produced some interesting interludes. I found a vendor who sells little bejeweled gift boxes and while his quantity required for purchase was a bit large, I did enjoy his varied and beautiful collection.

 Handbags galore

So this blog is really to make all my readers a little jealous, I get to go shopping next week for a living. Even though I’m in Vegas it isn’t all fun and games. There will be serious negotiations and considerations of all items I’m looking to add to the store. I will try and have periods of relaxation and dining to round out my days. You can’t beat the food in Vegas, anyone have any suggestions while I’m there?
Lots of everything!

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