Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alex and Ani Jewelry Discounted

The model is contemplating her Zen moment

I received a coupon from Bloomspot this morning featuring 50% off $100 of Alex and Ani jewelry. My guess is the Super Bowl ad didn’t work. Bloomspot is like all those online coupon sites, the same as Groupon and Living Social, they offer customer upwards of 50% off of services, dining and various fun stuff. Needless to say I was a little shocked by the discount on Alex and Ani jewelry. It takes some working capital to pay for a Super Bowl commerical slot.


Now I understand that an ad during the Super Bowl doesn’t guarantee the success of a company. I also know that out of all the ads during this event I thought a jewelry ad was a little out of place. There was one that featured football players discussing the merits of a particular cut of diamond while a fan proposed in the stands, but since they used football players and a public proposal on the jumbotron, it kind of fit.


Cute stackable bracelets
The Alex and Ani commercial was all elegance, beautiful women having a Zen moment and then quick flashes of jewelry. The ad was great at conveying their philosophy; it didn’t blend well with the concept of a major sporting event. Alex and Ani jewelry believes, and I’m quoting from the ad here, “they are inspired by “the wisdom of ancient thinkers” and a mission to promote positivity, this jewelry line crafts intricate bangles, earrings, and necklaces designed to keep every outfit fashionable.”


It makes one wonder whether the ad money spend for the Super Bowl commercial really paid off, as they are now selling their inventory at 50% off. When it comes to advertising sometimes slow and steady wins the race. If Alex and Ani had taken the same amount spent on that one commercial and spread it out over several weeks they probably would have gotten more bang for their buck. They also could have targeted their audience a little better. I think commercial time during a “Housewives of Wherever” would have fit better. At least the audience would have been women who like bling, not sports fans drinking beer and eating nachos, not that there's anything wrong with that.
You have to admit, their ads are very professional

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