Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Accessorizing a Busy Pattern

Match your accessories to the blue in this pattern for a pulled together look

Every season designers love to throw in some prints, or checks, or strips and maybe a few polka dots onto their designs and they may do it all at once. A busy pattern, while interesting, can make it difficult to accessorize. All those visual distractions can make a person dizzy when you add in some accessories and if they have a pattern, watch out. It’s easy to get a case of pattern overload.


The best way to accessorize a pattern is to keep it simple. The accessory itself should not be patterned. Skip a leopard print scarf or that herringbone handbag. Keep the shoes simple, a nude pump goes with just about anything. If you want to match your shoes to the outfit pick a color from the pattern and go with it on your shoe. An allover color looks great; those peacock blue suede pumps will pull out the peacock blue in a pattern with the same color. It will add visual interest without being overwhelming.

A statement necklace may say the wrong thing with this patterned bodice

Jewelry should also be kept simple. This is not the time to pull out that statement necklace. A simple string of pearls, diamond dangle earrings and solid colored cuff bracelets will add more to an outfit with a busy pattern than daring pieces. You may also want to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Blasphemy I know. If you wear matching cuff bracelets skip the necklace and keep the earring simple, studs are best. If you go with dangles you don’t want anything fussy around your neck. Necklaces overall are kind of tricky with a top or dress that is super busy. Keeping the emphasis on your face or hands is best.


It is super easy to over accessorize when wearing a pattern. Use the rule of removing one thing, once you think something is perfect, take one thing off. This will keep you from looking overwhelmed when wearing a pattern. Make up is also important. If you go with a bold red on your lips keep the eye makeup natural, no smoky eyes. Sometimes it’s best to go with only a bold lip when wearing patterns, and then you can get away with a little more jewelry. Just remember, “a little” being the phrase I used.

Notice the black clutch? Some onyx earrings or red lips will add interest

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