Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What to Wear-The Ongoing Dilemma

My everyday look

I go through this every now and then, I determine that there is nothing to wear in my closet and just stand and stare at it. If you’re a woman you can relate to this phenomenon, if you’re a man you have no idea what I’m talking about. If I mention that I don’t have a thing to wear to my hubby he will take one look at my packed closet and think I’ve lost my mind. This is why I reserve this information for those of the feminine persuasion.


Since I don’t have an unlimited budget to go out and buy new clothes I have to make do with the hundreds of items in my closet, bummer. This requires a “go to” outfit. Everyone should have an outfit that fits many occasions and makes us feel good. During the summer my “go to” outfit is black skinny jeans, a black tank, leopard print scarf and flats, topped off with a flax colored linen blazer. It’s simple and comfortable and with the addition of heels and some awesome jewelry it can go out at night.

Maybe I should get a sweater dress to wear with my boots? 

Winter months and cold days make the “go to” outfit a little harder to pin down. We want to stay warm but we also want to remain somewhat fashionable. This is hard to do. I’ve determined that a pair of jeans with my Frye boots works really well for day but not so well for nights. The jeans never look right with heels. I love jeans with a collared shirt and blazer. If it’s cold I can wear a scarf and my new navy wool coat. This works and I feel comfortable, it just doesn’t translate to going out in the evening to a networking event or out on the town.


I guess that I miss the easy of throwing on a dress and some flats or those black jeans and a tank top. When I needed to go from semi-casual to dressy this was the best way to accomplish the task, adding heels to these outfits takes them from casual to dressy instantly. I’ve also noticed I’m spending time browsing the internet and catalogs for dresses and skirts. Don’t know why I’m doing this, but it does give me ideas. Maybe I need a dark denim skirt instead of my jeans? I can still wear my collared shirt and blazer. Going to give this one some thought…
A long denim skirt might work also


  1. I wear jeans and boots every day and in every color. Throw it on with a sweater, shirt, top, whatever and I am off to work in the diamond mines! I love that I can work casual every day!

  2. Jeans, boots, and a blazer everyday and I would be a happy girl!! :)