Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Gifts for Guys


Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and while it seems customary for guys to buy a little something for the gals in their lives, we should think about them also. Now I put up a disclaimer right away, guys are pretty simple creatures. The old adage “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” still rings true today. I’ve usually been able to impress my guy with cookies, brownies or his favorite meal. Who doesn’t love bacon wrapped meatloaf and mashed potatoes.


If you’re interested in giving something different this year try a watch. A watch is going to be a hit. Guys love them. Pocket watches are also a hit. The Steampunk influence has made pocket watches popular again. It is cool the way you can see through the watch into the working gears. This is probably why they appeal to guys. They love to see how things work. Although I have to admit that it is interesting to watch the internal workings of a watch.

To continue on the Steampunk theme, think cuff links. I have cuff links that are Steampunk styled with little gears that can be wound up. They actually have gears that move. I think they’re pretty cool. If your guy isn’t into Steampunk cuff links there are many classic styles. There are also some un-classic styles. Super hero symbols done in enamel and even their favorite sports team can be worn on their wrist.


If all else fails maybe an iPhone case. Guys like to keep things simple and don’t necessarily like all the bling that we ladies love. A carbon fiber iPhone case that is also a small wallet might be right up his alley. Guys don’t leave home without their cell phones, keys, and wallet. Why not help him reduce an item from two to one. Combining the cell phone case into a wallet is neat and easy. I actually like them because they keep just the essentials and that’s good for a night out on the town with an evening bag. Hey, my guy can share!

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  1. I loved the iWallet case and the studs for all of us but I think my girlfriend is buying me all these for next week on V-day. Can you recommend something for my girlfriend? Like some good V-day phone accessories. I have found good Wrappz phone cases for valentines day but I want to get some more :)