Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Oscars

Brittany looks great as a brunette

The Oscars was this past weekend and it contained all the usual pomp and circumstance. Famous people trying to look their best and beautiful women in ball gowns, it must be such a hard life. There were the usual dresses in bad taste, outfits that could have been better and some who looked shockingly great, Brittany Spears came to Sir Elton John’s viewing party with a new darker do and everyone says she looked so good. I have to admit she looks better as a brunette than a blonde.

Jennifer Lawrence trips again

Jennifer Lawrence not only won for best actress she had a mishap with her dress. This is the second time she has gone up to accept an award and made her own memorable moment. I noticed this time she didn’t pull up her skirts fast enough as she approached the stairs. This may have led to her stumble. Although you can’t blame the girl for not wanting to pull up her dress to climb stairs, look what happened at the Golden Globes.

Helen Hunt in her H&M dress 

You have to give credit to Helen Hunt for her simple and inexpensive navy blue gown from H&M. Not only was it already hanging in her closet, but it was perfect to showcase the $700,000.00 in jewelry she wore that night. I’m not sure what is more shocking and noteworthy, the fact that she was wearing almost a million in gems or that H&M makes such beautiful ball gowns. She must shop in a very different version of the store because I’ve never seen the ball gown section in my local H&M.

 That's some dress, what there is of it

The worst dressed category included Brandi from “The Real Housewives” franchise who wore a barely there plunging neckline dress. Since it was a Real Housewife reality star it was to be expected. Although I’m still trying to figure out how a B-list star made it onto the red carpet at the Oscars. What is unfortunate is how they criticized Anne Hathaway’s dress for its “unfortunate darts.” Leave the girl alone, I thought she looked great and besides she does have the curse of the Oscar to contend with now that she’s won. Overall it was a pretty good show.
Please be kind to Anne Hathaway, no need to be snippy

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