Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pants versus Skirts

Which looks more professional?

What looks more professional, pants or skirts? I don’t have to face this question every day, usually because I will pick pants over skirts if left alone. There are times when I have to ask myself which looks more appropriate. There are also times when I know that a skirt or dress is the only garment that will work, just as we all know that pants work best when taking a hike in the woods. It’s all those times when I’m not sure, job interviews, meeting a client or the dreaded public speaking debacle.


In a job interview do I wear pants or a skirt? Will showing my legs make me look too feminine? Do I even want to play up my femininity? I think these are all valid questions or I could just be overthinking the whole process. Unlike men who wear a suit for job interviews or other occasions, women have more options. Not only do we have suits, we have separates and dresses. No wonder I get confused.

 Basic black wrap dress, very cute

I personally like pants. They are more comfortable I don’t have to worry that I’m showing too much leg. There is also the issue of warmth. A pair of pants keeps my legs warm while a skirt or dress lets in a breeze. This is only useful on a hot summer day. During the winter it can be a reason for frostbite. Yes you can wear wool tights and boots which I usually do but honestly, wool tights itch and unless the boot is sleek, they can look odd with a dress or skirt.


I’m facing this dilemma on Thursday night for a Mary Kay meeting. We are required to wear either a skirt or dress when we represent the company. Our recent cold weather has made me want to keep warm so I really want to wear pants. I’ll probably go with my basic black dress and nylons as I love this look with nude pumps. I’ll just have to break out the fur if it gets really cold. I guess that’s one way to stay warm.
Love this outfit, a little bit of fur and a nude pump

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  1. This skirt fits better than any other I have ordered on line! The quality is great :)