Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Older Style

Wow! Grandma can still fit into her cheerleading outfit!

After looking over the photo galleries from NYFW I’ve discovered that some of the fashions seem a little young. The skirts appear too short, the shoes a little too bold and the clothes are just this side of impractical. When did I get too old for some of these fashions? I’ve never thought of myself as an older person. I will admit that I’ve been somewhat conservative in my fashion choices; I did wear a London Fog double breasted trench coat to high school. Just wondering when I became a fuddy duddy.

Diane Keaton looks awesome

As an individual who is fashion conscious, I want to see what’s new in the fashion world. It’s best to keep an open mind especially when it comes to fashion. I’ve been having a hard time with the open minded aspect lately. Many of the fashions just seem too young for me and it makes one wonder if I’m in fact getting old. Yes, age is only a number, but wearing what is appropriate for your age group is important. We’ve also all seen that woman who dresses like a sixteen year old high school student, not cool. In fact it’s just creepy.

 Debbie Reynolds is an elegant Grandma

I don’t want to be the creepy older woman. I also don’t want to be considered eccentric. That’s just the polite way of saying creepy. How do you remain fashionable while aging? This is a trick that many women want to acquire. One of the tricks is to keep it simple. Complicated patterns, hairstyles and makeup all worn together look avant garde on a young woman; it’s just distracting on someone older. If you want to be the grandma with the purple and pink hair wearing multicolored overalls with two different colored converse tennis shoes just might be over the top.

 Betsy Johnson's Gothic Lolitas, not for Grandmas

Some of the most elegant woman I know wear expensive looking but simple clothing. Silky pants with a matching longer topper. Subdued colors in their clothing and tasteful accessories that look expensive can go a long way. If they want to go crazy with color they reserve it for their carefully manicured fingernails and toenail. They also take care of themselves, this means carefully coiffed hair and tasteful makeup. They don’t leave the house without some jewelry. I plan on trying to age well since its right around the corner. I also plan on being elegant not eccentric, Betsy Johnson should be one of a kind.
Betsy Johnson is a one of a kind at 68


  1. Oh my....I hope that I lean more towards the Diane Keaton group. I love her!