Friday, February 1, 2013

I Went to Macworld

Really cool iPad robot, but what would you use it for?

Once again I’ve braved the techies and geeks to see the latest gadgets at Macworld. While last year seemed to be the show of iPhone and iPad covers, this year’s show featured a lot of gadgets and apps. I go to Macworld every year to seek out products for iPhone and iPads to add to my store. I’ve found some pretty creative ideas and some potential good sellers for my store. This year wasn’t any different and I think I found a product or two to add to the store.


Along the way I get to experience some pretty cool gadgets. There were gadgets that were the cat’s pajamas but I had no idea what you would use it for and why. There were also games and neat applications. Quite a few cooking apps and magazine apps and of course the usual shopping apps, it appears to be a big market. A lot of companies have developed apps for shopping and getting your on-line store on someone’s iPhone or iPad.

 Bowhunting with your iPhone anyone?

I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any new innovative iPhone and iPad covers. Whereas last year there was someone selling covers every other booth, this year I could count the number of cover seller on one hand in the entire show. Only one company had tasteful bling covers and their prices were not anywhere near what I wanted to spend. No new innovations, clever ideas or unusual covers this year. Just the usual waterproof, bottle opener, plastic cartoon designs. Although there was a gal who sold handcrafted quilted covers.


Of the few products that I found interesting they were of the add on variety. They’re iPhone products that you use with your iPhone. Wireless speakers, stylus and cleaners seemed to be the rage at this show. Although I have to admit I saw one awesome indestructible case. It was for an iPad and contained a wireless keyboard. They made a film featuring the product and how it was useful in a zombie apocalypse. While the case was quite expensive I have to admit they had a good looking product that worked really well and the best video demonstration at the entire show. They were certainly clever.

iKey StreetCase ad, best video at Macworld

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