Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day

Today is President's Day, everything is on sale!

So today is President’s Day, we are honoring the two greatest Presidents in American history with their own day, which used to be just Washington’s Birthday. It’s a federal holiday so no mail delivery or school for your kids. Some of you might even be lucky enough to get the day off. That would mean that today is the third day of your three day weekend and if you’re not already home, you’re on your way back.


According to the TV ads today is the day to buy a new car. There are so many ads on television touting the affordability of Hondas that you would think buying a car on any other day would be ridiculous. Today we have sales on everything from door knobs to handbags in honor of our former presidents. While I’m not one to knock a sale, it’s a weird mismatch to have a day off to honor our greatest presidents while having a huge retail sale at the local mall.

 Maybe you're interested in a car...

Part of the reason so many retail stores are pushing discounts right now is to increase sales. There is a period of time following Christmas but before Easter when retailers need to get people interested in spending money. The Valentine’s Day “holiday” may sell a lot of candy and flowers but unless you sell bridal sets, much of your jewelry inventory sits on the floor. It’s not that miscellaneous jewelry doesn’t sell; it’s just that Valentine's Day is a big proposal day.


Spring is right around the corner and many retailers are trying to move their remaining winter items out the door. So if you’re in the market for coats, sweaters or boots hit the stores today and I’m sure you’ll pick up some deals. If you’re in the market for jewelry, that window of opportunity is closed until Mother’s Day, another big jewelry discount day. I heard the local discount shoe seller is having a sale today so I might check it out. Still looking for a good pair of engineer style boots, besides, I have the day off.

or maybe some boots

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