Monday, February 11, 2013

Five Easy Pieces

While I love this piece, not sure if it's for everyone.

I read an article recently that explained you need these five clothing pieces. If you buy nothing else this year, you must have these, it exclaims in big letters. If these pieces are so essential to my wardrobe, why don’t I have them already? After reading the article I found I did have a few of the pieces. The pieces are a denim button down shirt, a pleated dress, and a pair of slouchy pants, a leather skirt and a leather motorcycle jacket. In fact I have two denim button down shirts, a light denim and a dark denim.


The pieces I’m actually missing are the pleated dress and the slouchy pants. Well I take back the slouchy pants thing because I have two pairs of silk pants, one in black and the other in ivory. I never considered them slouchy pants but the description on one pair may make them count. You need a pair of pants that are a little loose, nonchalant or made from a silky fabric. The pleated dress I do not have. I own nothing with pleats partly because pleats don’t lie flat on my body. Accordion pleats are the worst, I’ve found I can only wear stitched down pleats.

 I wonder if my silk pants fit the "slouchy pants" requirement?

Since a pleated dress doesn’t work with my body I’m just going with the dress. This is the thing about anyone else’s suggestions for wardrobe essentials. While the suggestions maybe their essentials they might not be your essentials. Everyone has their own idea of what they need or what is a must have. I was shocked that there wasn’t a blazer in the group since I wear a blazer almost every day. No I don’t have a corporate job.


Just the same I know that a leather skirt and a leather motorcycle jacket are not for everyone. While I own these items, don’t wear them together, I also know people who would never own these items. It just doesn’t fit their personalities. That’s what style is all about, your personality. The only thing you have to remember when you get dressed every day is whether or not it fits you and your life. Don’t let anyone try and tell you what you need because then you just won’t look like you.
Not sure if I could pull off a pleated dress, would the pleats lie flat, not usually!

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