Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion Bloggers Buy Their Own Swag!

I would take this bag used if it was free!

I read an article last week about some well-known fashion bloggers that are paying for their own swag. The problem arises when they claim that they've gotten the item complimentary. Now it's nothing new for bloggers to rave about particular fashion or beauty products. We all have our favorites after all, but to claim it was given to you free is a little disingenuous.


Now the product manufacturers don't seem overly concerned. They feel that a glowing review is beneficial so they're willing to overlook this little omission. Most of these bloggers are relatively well known so their opinion is valuable to those who read their blogs and the products that are touted. But what obligation do they have to their readers? Can they truly be honest about a product when they lie about how it was acquired?

 You would be crazy to turn down Christian Louboutin shoes, not like they're offering...

I don't think there is any shame in buying a product for yourself. It shows that you really wanted it if you spent your own hard earned money. It also shows that the review is honest because it was bought and used just like everyone else. While I would love to get free product I'm sure no one is giving what I want away for free. In fact I don’t think anyone would send me so much as a bottle of nail polish for free. Although I have gotten free samples, does that count?



Let’s face it, Jennifer Tilly gained a few pounds and designers stopped sending her clothes. If someone who is famous can’t get free stuff how will the rest of us rate? So you never have to worry about any product that I talk about on this website. I never get anything for free so I’m not pushing an agenda. If I like something it’s because I’ve used it or wore it and was impressed by the results. If I don’t like something it’s because I wasn’t impressed. Honesty should be the best policy, it has merit and gives you the information you seek.

If Jennifer Tilly can't get free clothes, there's no hope for the rest of us


  1. I agree, nothing is free. But, I do know that a lot of fashion bloggers - and Mommy bloggers for that matter - that get freebies in exchange for reviews. Of course, those don't include Chanel or Louboutin!

  2. I always wonder about those "reviews." Do we get the whole truth or a slightly glossy version? Still wouldn't mind a freebie now and then.