Friday, February 22, 2013

Do You Have Ill-Fitting Clothes? It's Not You!

Tailors can fix those ill-fitting garments

You go to the store to find a new pair of jean, skirt, blouse or blazer. Generally we are confronted with the dreaded dressing room and finding out that the beautiful dress on the hanger doesn’t work on our body. This isn’t entirely our fault. We all don’t have weirdly shaped bodies or figure flaws that can’t be corrected. It could just be the manufacturer. Have you ever noticed that some brands fit you better than another brands?


How a garment fits is not an accident. Every manufacturer has their own specific sizing. Brands that cater to a younger crowd will cut their garments a little tighter through the torso and thighs. A brand that sells to more mature figures will be a little generous in the aforementioned areas. When I was younger I applied for a job as a size model. This is a weird job. You put on different clothes and model them for buyers. I didn’t get the job because my waist size was too large. I was built too straight up and down.

 Salvatore Ferragamo, notice the fit, perfect

On the other hand I was told I was perfect for another brand but they didn’t need any models. This is when I clued into the sizing issue. Not every manufacturer sizes to fit all bodies. While most garments are sized to fit a variety of bodies, many manufacturers want a specific fit. They want their clothes to hang a certain way. This usually required a specific figure type. Let’s face it; we all have different shapes so some of us are just not going to fit into some brands.


The best you can hope for is a close match. You can then alter the garment to fit your body. Yes, this is an expensive proposition but it is the best way to get the fit we want. Ill-fitting garments do us no favors. They accentuate our figure flaws and can make an outfit look cheap which ultimately make us feel bad. Why feel bad when the only thing you need is a good tailor. A good tailor can correct just about any garment’s problem, because our bodies aren’t really the issue, it’s the way the garment was manufactured.
Salvatore Ferragamo, the outfit was tailored to the model, no wonder she looks so good!

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