Friday, February 15, 2013

Bed Bath & Beyond is Selling Jewelry?

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A recent article in JCK tells the world that the retail store, Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling jewelry. The store believes this is a natural “beyond” item. They explain that they are already selling jewelry cleaning and storage items so why not jewelry itself? There is a big difference between selling a jewelry box or plastic ultrasonic cleaner and selling quality jewelry.


I would first like to say, no offense to Bed Bath & Beyond. If this store didn’t exist I would have a hard time finding placemats and a measuring cup in the same place at a reasonable price. Do not attempt this combination at Williams-Sonoma. It is hard to image that jewelry, quality jewelry can be found at the store where I buy my pillows. I usually associate Bed Bath & Beyond with inexpensive yet serviceable kitchen and home accessories. I would never consider buying fine china or "good"serving pieces at a Bed Bath & Beyond let alone a diamond ring. Macy's maybe, Bed Bath & Beyond, no!

 You can pick up some Trollbeads while shopping for pillows...

Bed Bath & Beyond does have a bridal registry which makes sense. Many brides may need kitchen appliances or dishes which are available in abundance at any of their stores. I’m just not feeling the addition of jewelry. The addition includes brands such as Badgley Micshka, Honora and Trollbeads. To me this signals the devaluing of the brands. To sell your jewelry in a discount environment is bad enough, but to sell it in a discount home wares retail store is worse.


It’s also a shame that these brands feel a need to sell their jewelry to everyone and anyone who is willing to put up a display. Some of their most loyal jewelry retailers may abandon these brands if they are sold outside of jewelry stores. It changes the atmosphere associated with a jewelry purchase. Jewelry should be a thoughtful experience. If you can get jewelry while also shopping for a toilet brush it removes all sense of extravagance and fun. While some may enjoy the convenience, for me jewelry will never be purchased as an afterthought while seeking out a frying pan.
Or maybe some Honora pearls next to the toilet brushes

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