Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are Designer Fashions Worth the Money?

A gently used Hermes Barenia $18,500

When I say designer fashions I’m really referring to a loose group of brands. This loose group includes mass produced designer handbags and clothes to exclusive and expensive brands. Now you can always argue that purchasing a Hermès handbag is worth the money, if you can come up with it. Most of these handbags cost as much as a smart car. I’ve seen them for sale at stores that sell “gently used” designer wares. They still retain quite a bit of their value. So unless you’re selling a high end designer original, you probably won’t see much of a return.


The no return on your investment category includes the ubiquitous Coach Brand handbag. Recently, they were pegged as a “brand not to buy” when searching out designer fashions. Apparently they’re overpriced and sometimes poorly made overseas. Now I’m not talking about counterfeits which also come from clandestine workshops in China, but the actual Coach product. Many of their styles are mass produced overseas by approved vendors. The workmanship is considered below standards for its pricing. This puts it in the poor value category.

 Is this Coach bag worth the money?

When spending our hard earned dollars on designer fashions we not only want something we love, we also want a good value. Good values include well made products. I purchased a navy blue blazer over fifteen years ago at Macys. While this blazer was not a designer brand it did cost a little bit more than I really wanted to spend. Believe it or not, I’m still wearing it. It has a classic style, rather nondescript, excellent construction and has held up through many dry cleanings. It has been a good value for my money.


While I may yearn for a Hermès handbag, I will probably go to my grave never owning one because I realize the futility of this dream. For me I look for quality construction and will pay a little bit more for something that will stand the test of time. Most of us don’t have unlimited budgets or access to discount designer fashions. Since I’m looking for quality I pay attention to how something is made and if everyone owns one it might be because the manufacturer is dropping its own quality standards in order to lower their price point. Something to consider when you’re shopping for new spring outfits and accessories.
A navy blazer is versatile so buy a good one

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