Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amazon Hates its Retailers

I feel like David without the slingshot

As everyone knows is one of the world’s largest retailers. The trick here is Amazon is not actually selling anything except a marketplace for retailers to sell their wares. Yes, they occassionally go into business for themselves once a product starts to do well, but a majority of their products are held and shipped from other retailers across the globe. I sold things on Amazon. I don’t anymore; in fact, I don’t think I’m going to be buying from Amazon in the future. I’ve closed my Prime Account and asked for a refund. I should receive it since Amazon has such a generous return policy.


I knew that Amazon was different from EBay or any other e-commerce site because they give their retailer grief from everything to not shipping fast enough to returns. They also list their own products ahead of other retailers on their site. This means that Amazon is in direct competition with the retailers they are trying to serve. Conflict of interest, big time! There is a problem with Amazon in competition with its own retailers. First they don't begin selling the items until a listing retailer has some success then they go into business and sell the same thing. Remember the pillow pets and Amazon article I wrote a while back? Amazon effectively took away the business of a successful pillow pet merchant on their own marketplace. Amazon went into direct competition with him listing their item first. They put him out of business while lining their own pockets. Kind of slimy huh?

 These guys aren't fair to their retailers

My problem with Amazon is their return policy, which isn’t my return policy. My return policy consists of a happy return and refund for any product within fourteen days once they return the product to me. The product must be in original packaging and in resalable condition. Usually this is not a problem. Unfortunately for me Amazon has a return policy whereby they take anything back for any reason. You don’t even have to return it. This is of course easy for Amazon since the refund is not their money and the product didn’t come out of their own inventory. They simply debited my account to pay the customer back.


I had a return request, and by the way, Amazon return requests are 99% higher than my own store which rarely sees a return for the same products. I told the purchaser to return the product and I will refund their money. The product never arrived and the customer complained about the lack of a refund. I told him I never received the product and then he confirmed that he had in fact lost it. He never sent it! Amazon on the other hand took it upon themselves to refund the money even though the customer had stated he did not return the product. This makes Amazon look like a hero to the customer. It just makes them look like an uncaring conglomerate to me. Which is why I’m quitting Amazon, it’s a free country and I don’t want to do business with Amazon anymore which I won’t. I can buy my products from other e-commerce sites.
I shouldn't feel like this after dealing with Amazon

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