Monday, February 4, 2013

A Super Bowl Jewelry Ad?

What do you mean it's a football game?

As everyone knows, the Super Bowl is where you go to watch innovative advertising. Even if your team doesn’t make it, you can still have fun watching the game and all those ads placed in between. Another attraction is the halftime show, which depending on your likes and dislikes, can either thrill or disappoint. While the ads that were shown during the Super Bowl this year didn’t seem all that great, I was shocked to see a jewelry ad.


The company was Alex & Ani, they sell inexpensive bangles, necklaces and rings. They are a charm style jewelry company that touts personal selection and positive energy in their pieces. They ad featured young women in beautiful settings showing off their arms full of pretty trinkets. While the ad was quite professional and well done, it felt out of place amongst the insurance and truck sales advertisements.

 Alex and Ani jewelry

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a jewelry advertisement during the Super Bowl in years past. I’m also not sure if this is necessarily a good way to spend huge sums of your advertising budget. The Super Bowl draws a particular crowd or at least a crowd with a particular mindset. Most are interested in the game and their snacks. I’m not sure jewelry and fashion pop into their minds during 3rd and 9.


I’m usually impressed by ads that make me laugh or are clever. Some of the sentimental ads seemed overly mushy and those companies that try and be super slick just seem super silly. I do have to mention the creepy ads, Calvin Klein underwear and the kiss. While these ads are memorable I’m not sure it’s for the right reasons. What was your favorite Super Bowl ad yesterday? I’d love to hear about it and why, after all, isn’t this one of the reasons why we watch the Super Bowl?
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  1. I was so disappointed with the commercials yesterday, which are the best part, as far as I'm concerned! I turned it off before Beyonce even went on!