Friday, February 8, 2013


I like her street style,

Rumor has it that it is a cold week in New York, and it also happens to be New York Fashion Week. NYFW kicked off yesterday February 7th, and approximately 280 designers will be showing their vision of fashions for next season. While there will be shows that everyone is dying to get into, there will also be shows that require hawkers to bring those butts to the seats. What is truly fascinating is the street fashion.


Since the eyes of fashion descend upon New York this week, everyone who visits may potentially be photographed. This is definitely a “look at me” zone, although some have taken the “look at me” motto a little too far for my taste. I love to see all the street fashion photos. At times it is more interesting than the show photos, partly because those who are photographed on the street are real people in real life settings.

 This might be slightly over the top,

Let’s face it; those models strutting down the runway aren’t like the rest of us. They don’t have figure problems that are emphasized by the clothes they are wearing. These models were specifically picked because they had the body that best shows the clothes the designer puts on them. They have the ideal figure, which can’t be said for the rest of us. So when you see a person on the street and their outfit looks great, it’s because they found the perfect formula.


The perfect formula requires knowledge of style, what looks good on your own body and being a little daring. While we all possess some of these attributes, we may not have them all together every day. That is why really awesome street fashion is something to talk about. So when you see someone walking down the street or meet an acquaintance for coffee and they look great, let them know. Chances are they worked at it and the stars were also aligned, not an easy task.
Love her use of color,

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