Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Do They Mean By Affordable Jewelry?

Drusy pendant for $158.00, no chain included

Affordable jewelry is a phrase that is thrown around quite a bit. You read it in magazine articles about how some piece of trendy jewelry is also a steal. This is important because the trendier the piece of jewelry the less it should cost. Although I’m not sure these experts and writers truly know what affordable means. It could simply be a case of their budget is huge and mine is miniscule. Any way you slice it, no matter how much you spend on jewelry it should be a good value.
I was recently reading a magazine that highlighted some “Deals and Steals.” While I did notice some of the items fit this category, others were neither a deal nor a steal. There was a cotton cord and brass bracelet for $160. I don’t know exactly how that bracelet is made but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have more than $5 worth of material in it. While it looks well-constructed I find it hard to spend that kind of money on a piece of jewelry that looks like a DIY project.
 Holst + Lee bracelet for $160.00
Another affordable jewelry offender is Drusy. This quartz material while attractive is relatively inexpensive. This is why I find it hard to believe that a large Drusy pendant can cost a thousand dollars and up when the material is nothing more than Drusy and sterling silver. Another problem is the material itself. While it is quite beautiful with its sugary crystal colored spikes gleaming in the light, it is actually quite fragile and can be easily damaged if placed in a bracelet or ring. This is not what I consider good value.
I will still continue to puzzle out how someone can think something is a good deal when it doesn’t even appear to be a good value. I won’t be splurging on a Betsy Johnson faux leather satchel for $108 anytime soon. Gee, I got my Mary Kay bag for $100 and it came full of beauty products that were worth at least $300. Granted one is Betsy Johnson and the other is Mary Kay, but wait, the Mary Kay bag is only available to independent beauty consultants, way more exclusive. I would think that would make it a greater value.

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