Friday, January 18, 2013

What Are Your Clothes Saying?

Jessica Alba looks chic, confident and comfortable

What do your clothes say about you? Lady Gaga’s clothes say a whole bunch and it’s usually loud and weird. No matter how much we try and keep our clothes from saying something about us, they can be whispering something behind our backs. Now I’m talking about those moments when we take the time to put together an outfit for a special occasion or a work interview. Although our clothing can be telling the world who we are and what we do every day without our knowledge.
It’s true; we’ve all seen that nurse or other uniformed worker walk into a coffee shop or other store. We know exactly what they do at that moment. They’re taking a break or are heading home from their job. Our clothes can also tell others about our personality. Clothes reflect our taste and style. Drab or neutral clothing may reflect a shy person or one who wants to blend in with the crowd. Try and mix things up. Stick with your neutrals but add a pop of color or a jazzy jacket or blazer.
 Oversized clothes can age you, oh no!
While you maybe more comfortable in those oversized pieces it may show a lack of confidence. Not everybody can or should wear body hugging clothing, myself included, but clothes two sizes too big can be interpreted as someone who is trying to hide. Clothes don’t have to be tight they just have to fit. So if you’ve lost a few pounds, great, now it’s time to buy some new clothes or have the older ones tailored. Show the world you’re confident.
Also avoid the logo overload. Wearing clothes that display designer logos and prints, especially an overabundance can make a person seem like a status seeker. While we all have designers we adore, try not to be a groupie. One or two pieces in an outfit can project your love for designer clothing and you won’t look like your trying too hard. Remember, your clothes tell the world who you are, just make sure the message is on point and what you’re really trying to say.
A little too much of a good thing

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  1. What a nice style really i like this type of style and jessica Alba looks chic, confident and comfortable.