Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tucking Your Jeans into Boots

A helpful product to hold your jeans down Jod clips

I was talking about tucking my black jeans into a pair of boots yesterday. I was thinking that I either needed a pair that was tighter through the calf area or I needed some stirrups that would keep the jeans snug to my ankle while I pulled the boot on. Anyone who has tried to stuff their jeans into their boots knows what I’m talking about. If the jeans have any excess fabric around the ankle those puppies creep right up and you end up looking like you put on a pair of jodhpurs.


Since I’m not going for a ride on a horse, I need to find a better way to stuff those darn jeans into my Frye boots. It’s not that the calf area of the boot is super tight; it’s the fleece around the inside of the boot. I have two pairs of Frye Calvary boots that have wool linings. They are super comfy and super warm, just what you need on cold days. The problem comes up when I want to wear a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t that skinny. The wool lining makes my jeans ride up as I try and push my foot down. Not a good combination.

 How to tuck your jeans into boots

I found a pictorial that shows how to tuck your jeans into a pair of boots. The jeans in question are boot cut but the technique was interesting. The demonstrator folded the jeans up then around their leg. They then used a pair of knee high socks to wrap around the jeans to hold them in place. This was the part that I found interesting. I never thought to use socks to hold the jeans in place. Granted the socks would have to be pretty tight to do the job.


I’m going to give this a try today and see if it works. The only problems I can think of are if the socks don’t hold the jeans or if they begin to show throughout the day. Who wants to have their socks peeking out of the tops of their boots? Not a super chic look. I might just try the folding technique to make the jeans slimmer at the bottom. There has to be a way to get those darn jeans into my boots comfortably and neatly. This is a problem I resolve to solve this year.
Then I can stuff my jeans into these...

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  1. Yeah good luck, I tried I own the same boots and it doesn't work.