Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cheetah Print

Peter Kaiser leopard print clutch, always a classic

The world seems to have gone print crazy. You see prints from geometrics, florals, harlequins, tie-dye and even polka dots, checks and strips. Hopefully you don’t wear them all at once. One of my favorite prints right now is the cheetah print. There are many different types, from a small pattern to large, cheetah print in gray tones and in more natural blacks and browns. I love the cheetah print with black. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe so a cheetah print scarf adds a pop of interest.
The cheetah print is popping up on everything from the usual standbys of pumps, handbags and scarves to t-shirts, coats and jeans. It can be a daunting print to wear and I definitely do not recommend wearing this print from head to toe, unless it’s in a Halloween costume. The trick to wearing a cheetah print and wearing it well is to make sure that you have just enough to accent but don’t go overboard.
Keep the dress simple and classic, black or tan accessories are best
If you’re shy, start with shoes or a scarf. I love black slacks and black shirt with a tan blazer, a pair of cheetah print pumps and a scarf pulls the look together. Whichever item you choose to use as a highlight keep the silhouette simple. Classic shapes look best with this print and will never go out of style, especially if the print is featured on an accessory. Never go too tight or form fitting with a cheetah print. Tight clothing can be unflattering and you don’t want to look like Cat Woman’s cousin.
If you’re bolder you can try cheetah prints on jeans or a whole dress. Just keep your accessories in the neutral department. Wear a black leather jacket with those jeans to complete your badass look, but don’t overload on studs or trinkets. A black turtleneck sweater looks best with this ensemble. If you’re super bold try a cheetah print in a color. Bright red or even cool blues look awesome, just keep those accessory super neutral. Anyone can wear a cheetah print, any age, any style and anywhere. Try a cheetah print and let your inner cat purr.
Everything is neutral except the jeans for perfect balance

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