Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poor Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence with her SAG award
I really shouldn’t say poor Jennifer Lawrence, she is quite lucky overall. She is young, beautiful and recently received accolades for her acting performance in the movie “Silver Lining Playbook.” She is probably best known for her turn as Katniss Everdeen, the brave heroine of the movie “The Hunger Games.” So as you can see she is not doing that badly, unless you are talking about her viral video of the acceptance of her SAG award.
Jennifer Lawrence was honored with the Best Actress award at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Event this past weekend. When she ascended the stairs to accept her award she daringly showed a lot of thigh. I don’t believe she was aware of this particular problem with her dress until she had to hitch up the front or otherwise risk a face plant onto the stage. She did eventually notice how her dress revealed a little too much skin by the time she got on the stage. I’m sure she heard the remarks as she walked by the audience.
 The "dress" before and after
The beautiful navy blue gown by Dior Couture was stunning and also stunned a lot of viewers. Apparently there was a sheer panel just under the first tier of the gown that was revealed every time the actress attempted to lift her dress. What puzzles me is why a sheer panel was put in place instead of matching fabric and why wasn’t the first tier of the dress attached to the lower tier of the skirt? Maybe the designer was trying to reduce bulk at the hipline or maybe someone thought a sheer panel would provide more ventilation? Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence it created a memorable award acceptance.
I find it interesting that a well-known and experienced design house allowed a dress to leave their establishment with such a potential flaw. This seems like a rookie sewing mistake, something you would expect to see from a first year home economics student. Everyone knows that a long gown will require lifting when walking so why place a sheet panel in a position that would give everyone a show? I’m sure we’ll hear more from everyone involved as time goes by. It should be interesting to see what everyone has to say.
Don't piss her off, she'll shoot you with an arrow

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