Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Pants Don't Fit

The look I'm going for if I could keep them rolled up

I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for this one but my pants don’t fit. I bought two pairs of silk pants about a year ago. They have a drawstring and a casual relaxed look that I love. I figured they would be comfortable and could be dressed up. I bought them tall because my legs are pretty long and I wanted to wear them with heels. I took them to a tailor to have them hemmed and brought along the shoes I wanted to wear. I unfortunately made a mistake. I brought along some pretty tall heels.


The heels that I brought along where sandals and with the weather lately I wouldn’t wear sandals if you paid me. Although I have to admit those sandals are pretty cute. I found that I would love to wear them with my studded booties but the heels are a bit too short. The hem touches the ground, not a good look and not good for the pants. It probably doesn’t help that I lost a few pounds so now the pants are longer. I mean, what’s up with that? When you lose weight your pants get longer. I always thought they would just get baggier.

 I have sandals like Michael Kors

Anyways, I thought I could just roll them up. You know, that casual look, the silk pants rolled up just a little to show off a pair of cute shoes. Two problems with this tactic, one…the pants don’t want to stay rolled up. This may work for a magazine shoot, but it doesn’t hold up in real life where you have to walk around. Two…it just doesn’t look the same on me as it does on the model in the magazine, story of my life!


So here is my quandary, do I wear sandals in winter thereby requiring a pedicure and risking potential frostbite, or do I go out and buy a new pair of shoes? Since I really love my toes right where they are I’m thinking a new pair of shoes would be good. I’ve already figured out my argument. Since I paid quite a bit for these silk pants, two pairs in different colors, had them hemmed at the tailors, I’ve got an investment I can’t use. If I buy one pair of shoes I can wear them. See how buying a pair of shoes solves the problem. I'm sure my husband will question my logic but I bet all the women out there will understand.
I need something like Michael Kors

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