Friday, January 4, 2013

My Avon Lady Retired

You get this bag with a Mary Kay starter kit

I’m not going to say how long my relationship was with my Avon lady because it would make me seem old. She has retired but I am nowhere near retirement. It’s kind of a bummer that she retired because she was very pleasant and I loved the products. Avon has great make-up at great prices. I had also become reliant on a core set of products that I went to everyday. They consisted of my foundation, face powder, blush and lipstick. I always had these products with me because I knew they would work for any occasion.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time going to beauty counters with my dwindling bits of blush and lipstick trying to match these colors. I’ve had limited success. The blush I found at The Bodyshop was a perfect match but alas, I went there shortly after running out of my latest purchase from them and the store was gone. I had to begin my search again. I found a similar product at Sephora but the price was a bit high so I needed to find alternatives. I confess I’m a make-up junkie and won’t leave the house without at least face powder, blush and a splash of lip gloss, even if I'm sick. That is when we need make-up the most.

You get lots of product

I was lucky when a friend became a Mary Kay representative. I found my local make-up fix. I’ve always liked Mary Kay but had no one to buy from; they no longer have those local standalone stores. It’s also a product that I haven’t found at places like Sephora or JC Penney. I’ve purchased product from her but Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing program so they do try and bring you into the fold. It is quite tempting because you get huge discounts on make-up. Telling me this is like telling a heroin addict that you get your junk for cost and its tax deductible.


So after many months of going to parties, playing with make-up and indulging in free samples I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up. I think it will be fun and at the very least I will have a ready supplier of make-up and skincare products at drastically reduced prices. They also throw in a starter kit with a cute bowling ball style bag. I have to admit that the bag kind of swayed my decision. I’m looking forward to getting my bag filled with skincare products and samples. I’m hopeful that I can sell a little bit of product to cover my expenses but at the very least I’m probably going to have some fun with make-up, yeah!

Just love their colors!

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  1. Hi, please i want to buy a Mary KAy kit for my coming wedding. How do I get one because I cant seem to buy it online (the complete kit for a Bridal makeup)