Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michelle Obama Chic

Michelle Obama in Thom Browne

As most everyone knows the First Lady is very fashionable. If you didn’t know this then yesterday’s inauguration festivities showed the world how chic she could be. It also showed the world that the Obamas are raising two very trendy girls. While political pundits analyzed the President’s speech I was watching the clothes. I was once again impressed with the outfit that Michelle Obama was wearing.
There has been a ton of discussion about what Michelle wore. I thought that she looked awesome. The real reason she looks so good all the time is because she knows how to dress herself. She knows her body type and sticks to styles that flatter. She’s also really good at picking accessories. The coat she wore was simple but had a beautiful pattern that added interest. It was a Thom Browne design. She accessorized with purple gloves and a studded belt from J. Crew and kept her toes warm in Reed Krakoff boots.
 She even updated her do for a new term
Michelle Obama is a cardigan lover just like me so I try and takes some cues from her style. She’s conservative but likes updated looks and she loves her accessories. She can be really creative with her accessories. I thought it was too cold to wear a dress and coat outside for the inauguration but Michelle surprised me with her beautifully colored gloves and stylish boots. She was dressed for the cold but not a bundle of clothing.
It’s kind of nice to see such a fashionable First Lady. It’s also nice that we are closer in age. When Nancy Reagan was First Lady I wasn’t anywhere near her age and while she was fashionable I couldn’t take anything from her style. Our current First Lady has style and loves to show it. I also noticed she is showing her daughters the ins and outs of fashion. It won’t be long before the President will not be the center of attention at any event that includes his wife and daughters. Watch out Mr. President.
A very fashionable family

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