Monday, January 28, 2013

Menswear Style Watches

A large watch stands out on your wrist

There has been a trend lately of oversized watches. I like to think of them as Menswear style. These are larger than normal watches, oversized faces and wider bands, but these watches are made for women. Large chunky watches are being seen on all the fashionable wrists. Part of this trend may be due to all the additional bracelets that are being worn at the same time, if you want your watch to stand out, it will have to be extra-large.
The nice thing about a larger watch face is its visibility. You can see it better and who doesn’t want their watch noticed? If your watch has a particularly good looking face you want the world to see that face. If it is a brand name why not show it off to the world. Sometimes we just want the watch to be the centerpiece of an arrangement of bracelets and rings on our hands and wrists. We want to show off the sparkles’ that adorn us.
For women a large or oversized watch is easy to find. Just buy a men’s watch. I’ve noticed for years that many watches come in both men’s and women’s styles. They look exactly the same except the men’s watch is larger. This is to accommodate the larger size of a man’s wrist. For women who are trying to achieve an oversized watch look, buying a men’s watch is perfect. In fact, many men’s watches have crystals and other shiny doodads on them. Guys like the shiny polished look also.
So the next time you’re looking for an oversized watch try looking in the men’s department. They have a lot of fancy watches and many are quite reasonably priced. It will give that fashionable oversized look and be inexpensive to boot. Do not worry about the fit, most leather bands have a lot of holes so just cinch it down and a linked band can be easily adjusted. A man’s watch will lend an air of masculinity to your feminine wardrobe, trust me.


  1. I love to wear large oversized watches. I love the bulk and I think they look feminine on a small wrist!

    1. Me too! Love the Ed Hardy and the rose gold. It really looks feminine with the slight pink color, even though it's a man's watch.