Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wool Coat

Nothing works like a good old iron

I consider myself good with an iron. I learned to iron from my Grandmother. She would heat little metal irons on her gas stove. She would take these one at a time and iron her garments, replacing one for another when the iron in her hand grew cool. She would continue this cycle until her ironing was done. Grandma ironed everything, all her clothes and linens. Nothing went away without getting ironed first. So you would think with all this expert teaching I would know how to get the wrinkles out of a wool coat.


I recently purchased two new wool coats. Outerwear is on sale right now. Most retailers are trying to get rid of their winter stock to make room for spring stock. So if you’re interested in some outerwear, get going. I’m an avid on-line shopper so when I found two wool coats in the same style and the correct size, one in navy and one in ivory, I snatched them up. They came folded and wrapped in plastic. I immediately hung them up and noticed quite a few wrinkles and creases. What to do?

 I found this coat in navy and ivory

Many manufacturers recommend that you simply hang the coats up and let gravity do the work. They claim that the wool will relax and the wrinkles will fall out. I’m still waiting. Another option is steam. These same people say that you can hang the garment in the shower. This requires you taking the coat into the bathroom with you when you take a shower. The steam should remove any wrinkles. In all the years I’ve been de-wrinkling clothes, this little trick has never worked. Not a single wrinkle has every disappeared from the steam in my shower. Maybe I don’t take hot enough showers.


I finally relented and used my trusty iron set on the wool setting. While this did take out many of the small wrinkles there are a couple of stubborn creases that just don’t want to leave. I’m going to try the ironing procedure again since I’ve had the coat hanging for about a week since the first ironing. If this doesn’t work then I guess I need to take it to the dry cleaners and have them professionally steam them out. Maybe that is how you get the wrinkles out of a wool coat.
Maybe I just need one of these?

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