Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Are you doing this again? Me too!

Today is the first day of a new year and we will all try and make the best of it. After the late night parties and after soothing our aching heads we will make resolutions to do better. The coming year is like a do-over. It gives you the chance to start fresh and start new. To try and make things better or do things better. We all have high aspirations for making this year the best it has ever been.


The problem with these lofty goals is they are lofty. Many if not all who make resolutions plan to do better in such a fashion as to be unrealistic. I have never suffered from these delusions. In fact my resolutions are relatively simple. I planned on having clean clothes and an empty sink when I got up with morning and it worked. I had also planned to fill as many of my prescriptions as possible before the end of the year when my deductible goes up and I did. I also ordered new business cards this morning with my EBay store address on them.

 Going to duplicate this look with Frye boots

These are all easy resolutions to have, almost like a to-do list. Isn’t that what resolutions really are, a to-do list? We all have things that we want to accomplish and we just write them down. Now I’m really good at this, I never go to the grocery store without a list and I actually keep a long running to-do list in Outlook. It’s not that I’m super organized, I just like lists. I do have some things I want to get done this year. One is to find pants that fit.


I’ve determined that I need a pair of dark denim jeans, skinny, that can be tucked into boots. I also want a pair of tapered dressy black pants that can be worn with heels or flat sandals. I also need to find a pair of black jeans that can be worn over my boots or a pair of stirrups that will keep my black skinny jeans inside my boots. They are supposed to be skinny jeans but they are still a little baggy around the calves. As you can see I set obtainable goals in my life. Life is hard enough without having problems of our own making. Be your own personal problem solver in 2013, that’s my resolution.
Need to find some tapered dress pants, like #2 & #10

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