Thursday, January 10, 2013

Handbags You Will Want to Own

Every color in the rainbow, love the red suede!

Yesterday I posted about weird and crazy handbags. How designers don’t always get it right and how things can go terribly wrong. It’s such a shame because I really love handbags, almost as much as jewelry and shoes. I guess you can say I have a thing for accessories. This is why I have to show some handbags and clutches that you’ll actually want to own. It’s a small little design house that I purchase from for my website.
It is amazing the number of styles they carry and there is always something for everyone. They have tons of colors, subtle classics and even edgy evening bags. The most wonderful things about these bags are their glamour. They can dress up any outfit instantly. I have to say I’m partial to these bags because they do have some sparkle and shine. Since I love things that sparkle these bags are a natural.
 Add a little sparkle to your outfit
I’m a little low on inventory right now which is a bummer but I know where I can get more. It’s so awesome to have these designers just a phone call away. I’m thinking about the brightly colored clutches to add to my store. As we head into winter things can get dark and dreary and nothing brightens a day like a cute little clutch.
Some may want to combat the gloomy days with bright colored prints on clothing. While this is a good idea I’m a little print shy. I’m not into that all over print look as they can look dated very quickly. An accessory with a little panache is more to my liking and they’re usually budget friendly. I’m going to spend the day perusing clutches, evening bags and such, I love my job!
The pattern of this leather is beautiful, totally edgy

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