Friday, January 25, 2013

Funky Jewelry

I’ve seen some funky jewelry lately. I would describe funky jewelry as pieces that are not only unconventional designs but also use unique material.  Not all funky jewelry is for everyone. Those that are of a conservative nature may not particularly like odd geometric shapes made from burlap and brass. On the plus side, funky jewelry can be fun. It’s unusual and can make a statement, or at the very least, start a conversation.
Some people don’t like funky jewelry, they claim that they only wear “real” jewelry, but I don’t know exactly what that means. Does this mean they only wear diamonds and gold? If so, I applaud their ability to afford a large enough selection of such expensive material. On the other hand, wearing jewelry that is both creative and innovative can liven up a wardrobe. You can add a lot of interest for very little money with alternative materials. Basically you get a lot of bang for your buck.
 Homemade button necklace, variations can be found on
Funky jewelry can also be vintage or a mix of vintage objects. Those pieces you found in a thrift store or maybe even a combination of several pieces recycled to make something new. I saw a woman wearing a necklace made entirely out of buttons last night. They were all ivory colored and varied in size and shape. Some were shaped like roses and she had a smattering of pearl shapes interspersed throughout the necklace, beautiful and unique.
These styles also encompass geometric shapes of alternative metals and even large crystals or gemstones. Any natural material is fair game for these pieces. Earth Gem necklaces are made of natural stone and hung on a leather strap or gunmetal chain; you don’t get any funkier than that! I like funky jewelry and in particular natural material used in funky jewelry. It gives it an organic feel. Search out the unique and unusual today to liven up your outfit, it might put a little spring in your step.
Noir geometric jewelry


  1. I love funky jewelry because NO ONE else has it!

  2. Appropriate title. Love your collection. Thanks for sharing....