Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Weather Fashions

The houndstooth pattern adds interest

Just as the sun came out a few days ago, Mother Nature took it all back. It began to get cloudy yesterday evening and now the sunshine is a thing of the past. Here in Northern California we get a damp cold. It’s not as bitter cold as what the Midwest is currently experiencing but it is still cold by my California Gal standards. The real trick is how to be fashionable while also staying warm. This is not always an easy task as we tend to bundle up and lose all sense of shape.
First off you need gloves. I give you full permission to purchase a pair of fashionable leather gloves. If your budget is limited, stick to black, brown or beige. Leather never goes out of style and if you pick a neutral color you can wear them till there is nothing left, and yes I have done this. Next you will need scarves. I have an overabundance of scarves but since they’re inexpensive it’s an easy accessory to own in multiple colors. If you can get them 3 for $30, go nuts!
 A classic pea coat is always in style
A stylish wool coat is important. So important that you should spend a little more money, but keep in mind that the more classic the style, the more you can spend. A simple A-line shape with seams for interest or maybe the classic double breasted pea coat fit the bill. Go slightly longer for that coat you wear with dresses while you can keep your coat a little shorter when wearing jeans or slacks. Proportion is important so if you’re petite, buy from the petite department and while I know you want to be able to fit a bulky sweater under your coat, resist the urge to buy two sizes up. An oversized coat will just look sloppy.
There are a multitude of hats for those who indulge. Fedoras, berets, knit caps and other can keep your head warm but can produce a little “hat head” if worn for too long. Always keep a comb handy for when the hat comes off. I usually just fluff with my fingers but then again I kind of let my hair run wild. Winter is a hard time of the year to be fashionable. The cold can keep us bundled up and getting wet while just going from here to there is frustrating. Just remember to color coordinate, wear the correct size and have a little fun. It’s the only time of year we can justify that huge coat collection.
Add a pop of color with a scarf

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