Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautiful Amber

Faceted amber in citron, also available in cherry

I love the warm glow of amber. It makes wonderful jewelry and I have a few pieces that I sell on my website. I’ve never invested a great deal in these pieces; it’s generally not a very expensive material. As natural material goes, it is actually quite affordable. I found some unique earrings a couple of years ago and bought up a bunch. I just realized the other day I had completely sold out. When I went to reorder the company no longer had this design.


They did on the other hand have a similar design and in my beloved cherry color. If you haven’t seen red amber you should take a look. It really is quite beautiful. It has a wonderful warm red glow when the light shines on it. No other gemstone or natural material glows like this cherry red amber. Of course to set off this glow you really need a drop earring that has a 360 degree view. It is best when there nothing to obscure all sides of the amber so it can catch the sunlight.

 The faceted design at top is available in this color, cherry

These new pieces have faceted amber in a teardrop shape. It is a little unique as amber is not always presented with facets. It is most commonly seen as beads, or a smooth shape. It is almost as if the amber has melted into a smooth natural shape and the designer then utilizes this shape. Oblong pieces, round beads, teardrops that look as if they have been melted by an earthy fire to create the shape you see before you.


I believe the designers of amber jewelry do not want to detract from the organic elements of amber. If you look closely you can see bits of leaves or bugs inside larger pieces. A smooth appearance enhances the ability to see within the amber piece. Amber is a fun material to use in jewelry. It has organic elements and as designers experiment they are going beyond our standard concept of how amber should be worn. Try a little amber and add some natural glow to your life.
I ran out of this design, boo hoo, I love the shape

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