Monday, January 14, 2013

Avoid the Muffin Top

Not a good look
We all love those little bits of crispy goodness that overflow the top of a muffin pan. It’s a wonderful treat to eat. Don’t love it so much when it’s our middles overflowing the top of our pants. I guess you can say there is a correlation between muffin tops that you eat and the ones we end up wearing. There are tricks to avoiding the muffin top in your pants and it doesn’t always require abstaining from things that taste good.
A muffin top over our pants bands is not always reserved to those who want to lose a few pounds. It can happen to even the thinnest of people. It has more to do with the fit of the pants than actual body structure, or at least I like to think so. Pants that are not the correct size can create a “squeezed effect.” Always buy pants in the right size, even if you don’t like the number on the tag. Try them on and move around. Check your view from all angles. If you have to lay down to zip them up, go up one size.
 Notice the rear coverage
Also look for pants with a slightly higher rise. The rise is that space from your crotch to the waistband. A lower rise pants or jean will sit right at the fleshiest part of your hip, thereby helping to create a muffin top. Look for pants that are at least 8 inches in the rise if not more. Another tip is spandex, look for jeans with four percent spandex in the fabric. While most jeans, especially skinny cuts will have two or three percent spandex, four percent will give a lot more stretch instead of binding.
If all else fails think body wear, those wonderful little under garments known as Spanx. Really good body wear can create a smooth line. They will even out your torso while adding a little bit of extra insulation on these cold winter days. Just make sure that you get the right size. Don’t be tempted to go down a size as body wear is notorious for riding up or rolling down if you get a size too small.  So if your new year’s resolution is to hit the gym, try my little tips to avoid the muffin top, it’s a lot easier than the treadmill.
When all else fails, try Spanx

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