Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Minaudiere or The Evening Bag

Louis Vuitton Minaudiere

I found out something interest today. I found out what a minaudiere is and their origins. Actually a minaudiere is an evening bag or what I refer to as an evening bag today. It is a small elongated case that can be held in your hand. It usually has a metal frame or is made entirely out of metal. This case is usually decorated with designs or precious and/or semi-precious stones. This sounds like an evening bag to me.


The invention of the minaudiere is attributed to Charles Arpels of Van Cleef & Arpels back in the 1930s. It was soon featured at all the best design houses and everyone had their own unique design. Many still consider a minaudiere to be a jewelry piece since they can be made of gold plate and precious gems. Nowadays there are many more inexpensive models so the rest of us can enjoy a little bit of luxury with our evening out.

Most minaudiere designs still keep the metal frame. I like this because it adds durability to the piece. They all still sparkle and shine but the exterior don’t always have to be gemstones. Some are covered with fabric or leather. A lacquered exterior can also add color and interest. While I enjoy the idea of a minaudiere encrusted with pearls, I worry that I might abuse them and come home missing a pearl or gemstone. It is something you hold in your hand or swings from a chain or wrist attachment after all.


We carry a few different varieties in our on-line store. I personally like the gold metal mesh bag. The design is simple and will go with a variety of outfits. This makes it easy when you’re traveling as you don’t have to have multiple evening bags to go with multiple outfits. So the minaudiere has been around for a long time and has changed with the times. To some a minaudiere is a jewelry piece, to me it’s an essential fashion accessory.

Leather exterior and bejeweled brass knuckle style clasp

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wool Coat

Nothing works like a good old iron

I consider myself good with an iron. I learned to iron from my Grandmother. She would heat little metal irons on her gas stove. She would take these one at a time and iron her garments, replacing one for another when the iron in her hand grew cool. She would continue this cycle until her ironing was done. Grandma ironed everything, all her clothes and linens. Nothing went away without getting ironed first. So you would think with all this expert teaching I would know how to get the wrinkles out of a wool coat.


I recently purchased two new wool coats. Outerwear is on sale right now. Most retailers are trying to get rid of their winter stock to make room for spring stock. So if you’re interested in some outerwear, get going. I’m an avid on-line shopper so when I found two wool coats in the same style and the correct size, one in navy and one in ivory, I snatched them up. They came folded and wrapped in plastic. I immediately hung them up and noticed quite a few wrinkles and creases. What to do?

 I found this coat in navy and ivory

Many manufacturers recommend that you simply hang the coats up and let gravity do the work. They claim that the wool will relax and the wrinkles will fall out. I’m still waiting. Another option is steam. These same people say that you can hang the garment in the shower. This requires you taking the coat into the bathroom with you when you take a shower. The steam should remove any wrinkles. In all the years I’ve been de-wrinkling clothes, this little trick has never worked. Not a single wrinkle has every disappeared from the steam in my shower. Maybe I don’t take hot enough showers.


I finally relented and used my trusty iron set on the wool setting. While this did take out many of the small wrinkles there are a couple of stubborn creases that just don’t want to leave. I’m going to try the ironing procedure again since I’ve had the coat hanging for about a week since the first ironing. If this doesn’t work then I guess I need to take it to the dry cleaners and have them professionally steam them out. Maybe that is how you get the wrinkles out of a wool coat.
Maybe I just need one of these?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poor Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence with her SAG award
I really shouldn’t say poor Jennifer Lawrence, she is quite lucky overall. She is young, beautiful and recently received accolades for her acting performance in the movie “Silver Lining Playbook.” She is probably best known for her turn as Katniss Everdeen, the brave heroine of the movie “The Hunger Games.” So as you can see she is not doing that badly, unless you are talking about her viral video of the acceptance of her SAG award.
Jennifer Lawrence was honored with the Best Actress award at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Event this past weekend. When she ascended the stairs to accept her award she daringly showed a lot of thigh. I don’t believe she was aware of this particular problem with her dress until she had to hitch up the front or otherwise risk a face plant onto the stage. She did eventually notice how her dress revealed a little too much skin by the time she got on the stage. I’m sure she heard the remarks as she walked by the audience.
 The "dress" before and after
The beautiful navy blue gown by Dior Couture was stunning and also stunned a lot of viewers. Apparently there was a sheer panel just under the first tier of the gown that was revealed every time the actress attempted to lift her dress. What puzzles me is why a sheer panel was put in place instead of matching fabric and why wasn’t the first tier of the dress attached to the lower tier of the skirt? Maybe the designer was trying to reduce bulk at the hipline or maybe someone thought a sheer panel would provide more ventilation? Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence it created a memorable award acceptance.
I find it interesting that a well-known and experienced design house allowed a dress to leave their establishment with such a potential flaw. This seems like a rookie sewing mistake, something you would expect to see from a first year home economics student. Everyone knows that a long gown will require lifting when walking so why place a sheet panel in a position that would give everyone a show? I’m sure we’ll hear more from everyone involved as time goes by. It should be interesting to see what everyone has to say.
Don't piss her off, she'll shoot you with an arrow

Monday, January 28, 2013

Menswear Style Watches

A large watch stands out on your wrist

There has been a trend lately of oversized watches. I like to think of them as Menswear style. These are larger than normal watches, oversized faces and wider bands, but these watches are made for women. Large chunky watches are being seen on all the fashionable wrists. Part of this trend may be due to all the additional bracelets that are being worn at the same time, if you want your watch to stand out, it will have to be extra-large.
The nice thing about a larger watch face is its visibility. You can see it better and who doesn’t want their watch noticed? If your watch has a particularly good looking face you want the world to see that face. If it is a brand name why not show it off to the world. Sometimes we just want the watch to be the centerpiece of an arrangement of bracelets and rings on our hands and wrists. We want to show off the sparkles’ that adorn us.
For women a large or oversized watch is easy to find. Just buy a men’s watch. I’ve noticed for years that many watches come in both men’s and women’s styles. They look exactly the same except the men’s watch is larger. This is to accommodate the larger size of a man’s wrist. For women who are trying to achieve an oversized watch look, buying a men’s watch is perfect. In fact, many men’s watches have crystals and other shiny doodads on them. Guys like the shiny polished look also.
So the next time you’re looking for an oversized watch try looking in the men’s department. They have a lot of fancy watches and many are quite reasonably priced. It will give that fashionable oversized look and be inexpensive to boot. Do not worry about the fit, most leather bands have a lot of holes so just cinch it down and a linked band can be easily adjusted. A man’s watch will lend an air of masculinity to your feminine wardrobe, trust me.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Funky Jewelry

I’ve seen some funky jewelry lately. I would describe funky jewelry as pieces that are not only unconventional designs but also use unique material.  Not all funky jewelry is for everyone. Those that are of a conservative nature may not particularly like odd geometric shapes made from burlap and brass. On the plus side, funky jewelry can be fun. It’s unusual and can make a statement, or at the very least, start a conversation.
Some people don’t like funky jewelry, they claim that they only wear “real” jewelry, but I don’t know exactly what that means. Does this mean they only wear diamonds and gold? If so, I applaud their ability to afford a large enough selection of such expensive material. On the other hand, wearing jewelry that is both creative and innovative can liven up a wardrobe. You can add a lot of interest for very little money with alternative materials. Basically you get a lot of bang for your buck.
 Homemade button necklace, variations can be found on
Funky jewelry can also be vintage or a mix of vintage objects. Those pieces you found in a thrift store or maybe even a combination of several pieces recycled to make something new. I saw a woman wearing a necklace made entirely out of buttons last night. They were all ivory colored and varied in size and shape. Some were shaped like roses and she had a smattering of pearl shapes interspersed throughout the necklace, beautiful and unique.
These styles also encompass geometric shapes of alternative metals and even large crystals or gemstones. Any natural material is fair game for these pieces. Earth Gem necklaces are made of natural stone and hung on a leather strap or gunmetal chain; you don’t get any funkier than that! I like funky jewelry and in particular natural material used in funky jewelry. It gives it an organic feel. Search out the unique and unusual today to liven up your outfit, it might put a little spring in your step.
Noir geometric jewelry

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Weather Fashions

The houndstooth pattern adds interest

Just as the sun came out a few days ago, Mother Nature took it all back. It began to get cloudy yesterday evening and now the sunshine is a thing of the past. Here in Northern California we get a damp cold. It’s not as bitter cold as what the Midwest is currently experiencing but it is still cold by my California Gal standards. The real trick is how to be fashionable while also staying warm. This is not always an easy task as we tend to bundle up and lose all sense of shape.
First off you need gloves. I give you full permission to purchase a pair of fashionable leather gloves. If your budget is limited, stick to black, brown or beige. Leather never goes out of style and if you pick a neutral color you can wear them till there is nothing left, and yes I have done this. Next you will need scarves. I have an overabundance of scarves but since they’re inexpensive it’s an easy accessory to own in multiple colors. If you can get them 3 for $30, go nuts!
 A classic pea coat is always in style
A stylish wool coat is important. So important that you should spend a little more money, but keep in mind that the more classic the style, the more you can spend. A simple A-line shape with seams for interest or maybe the classic double breasted pea coat fit the bill. Go slightly longer for that coat you wear with dresses while you can keep your coat a little shorter when wearing jeans or slacks. Proportion is important so if you’re petite, buy from the petite department and while I know you want to be able to fit a bulky sweater under your coat, resist the urge to buy two sizes up. An oversized coat will just look sloppy.
There are a multitude of hats for those who indulge. Fedoras, berets, knit caps and other can keep your head warm but can produce a little “hat head” if worn for too long. Always keep a comb handy for when the hat comes off. I usually just fluff with my fingers but then again I kind of let my hair run wild. Winter is a hard time of the year to be fashionable. The cold can keep us bundled up and getting wet while just going from here to there is frustrating. Just remember to color coordinate, wear the correct size and have a little fun. It’s the only time of year we can justify that huge coat collection.
Add a pop of color with a scarf

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its Good to Have a Dream


As part of my Mary Kay training I’ve been instructed to write a little bit about what I want to accomplish with Mary Kay. Where do I want to go, how will it help to fulfill a dream. We all get involved with things because we are trying to make ourselves happy. We work because it beats living on the street or not being able to pay our bills. We take up hobbies to enrich our lives and fulfill our dreams. Apparently I should dream big because dreams are big.


I can’t remember who said it but the quote goes something like this “aim for the stars because if you miss, you’ll land on the moon.” The theory is the moon is still pretty high so even though you missed your goal, you got real far. I kind of like another theory a bit better. Try and accomplish a lot of little things. In the end a lot of little things can add up to some pretty big stuff. This fits with my personality and allows me to get involved in things that interest me. It’s also a good idea in today’s economy.

 Traveling to the Tuscon Gem Show...

In today’s economy it is important to have multiple streams of income. It’s like the fable of putting all your eggs in one basket, sometimes not a good idea. This is especially true when planning your retirement. Don’t rely on one source of income. If that one source does not do well or collapses, you will be out of luck. Not a pleasant thought for your golden years. I also want to stay active as I age. I’ve seen so many people who retired and sat around the house. They usually ended up in a hospital, care home or worse.


I’m writing my blog, traveling to jewelry and trade shows, working on my internet store and now selling Mary Kay cosmetics and I think I’ve created multiple sources of income. I’m also keeping my mind sharp by varying my routine and forcing myself to keep up on industry practices and opportunities. I’m planning for my retirement but I’m not really going to retire. I’m looking for things that I can continue to do throughout my life. I might slow down but I won’t ever stop loving jewelry, fashion and accessories. I will always dream in a colorful fashion.
In one of these!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michelle Obama Chic

Michelle Obama in Thom Browne

As most everyone knows the First Lady is very fashionable. If you didn’t know this then yesterday’s inauguration festivities showed the world how chic she could be. It also showed the world that the Obamas are raising two very trendy girls. While political pundits analyzed the President’s speech I was watching the clothes. I was once again impressed with the outfit that Michelle Obama was wearing.
There has been a ton of discussion about what Michelle wore. I thought that she looked awesome. The real reason she looks so good all the time is because she knows how to dress herself. She knows her body type and sticks to styles that flatter. She’s also really good at picking accessories. The coat she wore was simple but had a beautiful pattern that added interest. It was a Thom Browne design. She accessorized with purple gloves and a studded belt from J. Crew and kept her toes warm in Reed Krakoff boots.
 She even updated her do for a new term
Michelle Obama is a cardigan lover just like me so I try and takes some cues from her style. She’s conservative but likes updated looks and she loves her accessories. She can be really creative with her accessories. I thought it was too cold to wear a dress and coat outside for the inauguration but Michelle surprised me with her beautifully colored gloves and stylish boots. She was dressed for the cold but not a bundle of clothing.
It’s kind of nice to see such a fashionable First Lady. It’s also nice that we are closer in age. When Nancy Reagan was First Lady I wasn’t anywhere near her age and while she was fashionable I couldn’t take anything from her style. Our current First Lady has style and loves to show it. I also noticed she is showing her daughters the ins and outs of fashion. It won’t be long before the President will not be the center of attention at any event that includes his wife and daughters. Watch out Mr. President.
A very fashionable family

Monday, January 21, 2013

Stylish ID Bracelets

A classic ID bracelet in gold plate
Apparently ID bracelets are making a comeback. I’m sure many can say that they’ve never been gone but I’ve seen at least two different articles about their versatility in the past week. There was even a quick blip in InStyle magazine about the ID bracelet. They of course covered all of the big designer versions made with 18k gold and encrusted with diamonds. While really beautiful, they were all out of my price range.
Since the ID bracelet has been around forever there are many styles to choose from and many at very reasonable pricing. The acceptance of sterling silver for jewelry has increased the availability of affordable pieces. Another metal that is hitting the ID bracelet craze is stainless steel. This metal has been used for years in Medical ID bracelets. It’s durable and affordable, something that is important for those who need to notify medical personnel of any health conditions that will affect their treatment.
 Tiffany & Company mixed things up in sterling silver
The wonderful thing about the introduction of more affordable metals and materials to a classic design is the results. Instead of a standard ID bracelet with links and a plate for name or message engraving, you have something that is fashionable. It becomes a piece that can be worn with other bracelets to make a statement and mix and match with other bracelets on your wrist for that popular arm party. Instead of an ID bracelet worn alone on your wrist it can mix and mingle with others and be a little more avant-garde.
Let’s face it, fashion needs to be mixed up a little every now and then. While it may be important to blend in with the crowd when you’re working a government job, when you’re out on your own you should be able to be creative. I think it’s going to be a hot look this spring and summer so if you have an old ID bracelet languishing in your jewelry box, now is the time to take it out and polish it up.  Short sleeves will be here before we know it and the arm party will be on.
Gold plate with leather woven into the chain

Friday, January 18, 2013

What Are Your Clothes Saying?

Jessica Alba looks chic, confident and comfortable

What do your clothes say about you? Lady Gaga’s clothes say a whole bunch and it’s usually loud and weird. No matter how much we try and keep our clothes from saying something about us, they can be whispering something behind our backs. Now I’m talking about those moments when we take the time to put together an outfit for a special occasion or a work interview. Although our clothing can be telling the world who we are and what we do every day without our knowledge.
It’s true; we’ve all seen that nurse or other uniformed worker walk into a coffee shop or other store. We know exactly what they do at that moment. They’re taking a break or are heading home from their job. Our clothes can also tell others about our personality. Clothes reflect our taste and style. Drab or neutral clothing may reflect a shy person or one who wants to blend in with the crowd. Try and mix things up. Stick with your neutrals but add a pop of color or a jazzy jacket or blazer.
 Oversized clothes can age you, oh no!
While you maybe more comfortable in those oversized pieces it may show a lack of confidence. Not everybody can or should wear body hugging clothing, myself included, but clothes two sizes too big can be interpreted as someone who is trying to hide. Clothes don’t have to be tight they just have to fit. So if you’ve lost a few pounds, great, now it’s time to buy some new clothes or have the older ones tailored. Show the world you’re confident.
Also avoid the logo overload. Wearing clothes that display designer logos and prints, especially an overabundance can make a person seem like a status seeker. While we all have designers we adore, try not to be a groupie. One or two pieces in an outfit can project your love for designer clothing and you won’t look like your trying too hard. Remember, your clothes tell the world who you are, just make sure the message is on point and what you’re really trying to say.
A little too much of a good thing

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mineral Powder Makeup


When I was much younger and had abundant time I was a liquid foundation girl. I did the whole nine yards. Concealer, liquid foundation, matte powder then applied contour powder. This was all before applying the colors. Once kids came along I relied on liquid foundation and matte powder only. Who has time for all those other steps? Then along came mineral powder makeup. I thought this is the answer to my prayers. It had the coverage of liquid foundation and the ease of powder application. One step makeup from now on.
Unfortunately, the name brand mineral powder had too much coverage. I ended up looking like I was wearing a mask by the end of the day. It just loved to sink into my pores for some reason. Of course everybody who makes makeup introduced their own brand of mineral powder makeup and I was an avid Avon follower so I tried their powder. While it had good coverage it also had a sheen. My skin looked oily by the end of the day no matter how much I carefully blotted. After my Avon Lady’s retirement I tried Sephora but couldn’t find the right color. There were visible lines of demarcation.
I’m still a lover of mineral powder makeup; it’s easy to use and goes on quickly. I was relieved to find that Mary Kay has a line of mineral powder makeup. They actually have my color and the finish is matte not shiny. I’ve been using it awhile now and am happy with the results. I don’t end up with a sweaty looking face by the end of the day and it doesn’t clump and create a mask effect. Best of all they have my color. You wouldn’t think finding your color would be that hard but it actually is as I’ve experienced.
So now I use the mineral powder makeup from Mary Kay. They have loose powder with a cute little brush that is actually good quality. A poor quality brush scratches and pokes your face when you apply powder; Mary Kay’s brushes do not. They also have mineral powder in a compact that can be applied with a puff. This allows for quick applications on those days when I don’t have time for much more than some powder and lip gloss. I have to say overall I’m quite pleased with Mary Kay’s product line; you should give them a try.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Do They Mean By Affordable Jewelry?

Drusy pendant for $158.00, no chain included

Affordable jewelry is a phrase that is thrown around quite a bit. You read it in magazine articles about how some piece of trendy jewelry is also a steal. This is important because the trendier the piece of jewelry the less it should cost. Although I’m not sure these experts and writers truly know what affordable means. It could simply be a case of their budget is huge and mine is miniscule. Any way you slice it, no matter how much you spend on jewelry it should be a good value.
I was recently reading a magazine that highlighted some “Deals and Steals.” While I did notice some of the items fit this category, others were neither a deal nor a steal. There was a cotton cord and brass bracelet for $160. I don’t know exactly how that bracelet is made but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have more than $5 worth of material in it. While it looks well-constructed I find it hard to spend that kind of money on a piece of jewelry that looks like a DIY project.
 Holst + Lee bracelet for $160.00
Another affordable jewelry offender is Drusy. This quartz material while attractive is relatively inexpensive. This is why I find it hard to believe that a large Drusy pendant can cost a thousand dollars and up when the material is nothing more than Drusy and sterling silver. Another problem is the material itself. While it is quite beautiful with its sugary crystal colored spikes gleaming in the light, it is actually quite fragile and can be easily damaged if placed in a bracelet or ring. This is not what I consider good value.
I will still continue to puzzle out how someone can think something is a good deal when it doesn’t even appear to be a good value. I won’t be splurging on a Betsy Johnson faux leather satchel for $108 anytime soon. Gee, I got my Mary Kay bag for $100 and it came full of beauty products that were worth at least $300. Granted one is Betsy Johnson and the other is Mary Kay, but wait, the Mary Kay bag is only available to independent beauty consultants, way more exclusive. I would think that would make it a greater value.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Men's Fashions

I think his shirt says it all

I will have to admit that I don’t usually follow men’s fashion. My hubby is of the serviceable yet comfortable fashion category. The few times he has been forced to dress up or dress formally he has complained nonstop. It truly is not worth it to try and get him out of his jeans and into a pair of slacks. I let him wear his jeans as long as he sticks to collared shirts and dressier shoes. I’m working on the sport coat and he is actually considering it.


This was why I was so shocked to see a runway show featuring men’s fashions that had the models wearing the most outrageous and outlandish clothes I had ever seen. First off, I would like to find out how these designers got these guys into the clothes at all. Secondly, how did they get these guys to wear the clothes in public? I can’t get my guy into a pair of pants with pleats yet these designers got the male models into dresses.

 Seriously, a dress?

There was a plethora of really bad clothes, ideas and yes, even makeup. Some of the models had drawn on mustaches and a circle drawn around one eye like the little dog who is the mascot for Target stores. If these outfits were Halloween costumes you would probably have to ask the wearer what they were supposed to be. I actually felt sorry for these male models that had to submit to these horrible outfits as part of their jobs. So after looking at these extremely bad men’s fashions I’m as confused as ever.


I still don’t know what my guy would look best in and that is only half of the problem. The other half is getting him to try on some shirts and jackets. I think he likes it best when I just go out and buy some clothes, bring them home and if he doesn’t like it, I take it back to the store. I guess he has me trained well because this is usually what I do. Getting him to the menswear place to have a sports coat fitted is going to be a challenge, but I’m up for it.
The handyman special or how to recycle used lumber

Monday, January 14, 2013

Avoid the Muffin Top

Not a good look
We all love those little bits of crispy goodness that overflow the top of a muffin pan. It’s a wonderful treat to eat. Don’t love it so much when it’s our middles overflowing the top of our pants. I guess you can say there is a correlation between muffin tops that you eat and the ones we end up wearing. There are tricks to avoiding the muffin top in your pants and it doesn’t always require abstaining from things that taste good.
A muffin top over our pants bands is not always reserved to those who want to lose a few pounds. It can happen to even the thinnest of people. It has more to do with the fit of the pants than actual body structure, or at least I like to think so. Pants that are not the correct size can create a “squeezed effect.” Always buy pants in the right size, even if you don’t like the number on the tag. Try them on and move around. Check your view from all angles. If you have to lay down to zip them up, go up one size.
 Notice the rear coverage
Also look for pants with a slightly higher rise. The rise is that space from your crotch to the waistband. A lower rise pants or jean will sit right at the fleshiest part of your hip, thereby helping to create a muffin top. Look for pants that are at least 8 inches in the rise if not more. Another tip is spandex, look for jeans with four percent spandex in the fabric. While most jeans, especially skinny cuts will have two or three percent spandex, four percent will give a lot more stretch instead of binding.
If all else fails think body wear, those wonderful little under garments known as Spanx. Really good body wear can create a smooth line. They will even out your torso while adding a little bit of extra insulation on these cold winter days. Just make sure that you get the right size. Don’t be tempted to go down a size as body wear is notorious for riding up or rolling down if you get a size too small.  So if your new year’s resolution is to hit the gym, try my little tips to avoid the muffin top, it’s a lot easier than the treadmill.
When all else fails, try Spanx

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cheetah Print

Peter Kaiser leopard print clutch, always a classic

The world seems to have gone print crazy. You see prints from geometrics, florals, harlequins, tie-dye and even polka dots, checks and strips. Hopefully you don’t wear them all at once. One of my favorite prints right now is the cheetah print. There are many different types, from a small pattern to large, cheetah print in gray tones and in more natural blacks and browns. I love the cheetah print with black. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe so a cheetah print scarf adds a pop of interest.
The cheetah print is popping up on everything from the usual standbys of pumps, handbags and scarves to t-shirts, coats and jeans. It can be a daunting print to wear and I definitely do not recommend wearing this print from head to toe, unless it’s in a Halloween costume. The trick to wearing a cheetah print and wearing it well is to make sure that you have just enough to accent but don’t go overboard.
Keep the dress simple and classic, black or tan accessories are best
If you’re shy, start with shoes or a scarf. I love black slacks and black shirt with a tan blazer, a pair of cheetah print pumps and a scarf pulls the look together. Whichever item you choose to use as a highlight keep the silhouette simple. Classic shapes look best with this print and will never go out of style, especially if the print is featured on an accessory. Never go too tight or form fitting with a cheetah print. Tight clothing can be unflattering and you don’t want to look like Cat Woman’s cousin.
If you’re bolder you can try cheetah prints on jeans or a whole dress. Just keep your accessories in the neutral department. Wear a black leather jacket with those jeans to complete your badass look, but don’t overload on studs or trinkets. A black turtleneck sweater looks best with this ensemble. If you’re super bold try a cheetah print in a color. Bright red or even cool blues look awesome, just keep those accessory super neutral. Anyone can wear a cheetah print, any age, any style and anywhere. Try a cheetah print and let your inner cat purr.
Everything is neutral except the jeans for perfect balance

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Handbags You Will Want to Own

Every color in the rainbow, love the red suede!

Yesterday I posted about weird and crazy handbags. How designers don’t always get it right and how things can go terribly wrong. It’s such a shame because I really love handbags, almost as much as jewelry and shoes. I guess you can say I have a thing for accessories. This is why I have to show some handbags and clutches that you’ll actually want to own. It’s a small little design house that I purchase from for my website.
It is amazing the number of styles they carry and there is always something for everyone. They have tons of colors, subtle classics and even edgy evening bags. The most wonderful things about these bags are their glamour. They can dress up any outfit instantly. I have to say I’m partial to these bags because they do have some sparkle and shine. Since I love things that sparkle these bags are a natural.
 Add a little sparkle to your outfit
I’m a little low on inventory right now which is a bummer but I know where I can get more. It’s so awesome to have these designers just a phone call away. I’m thinking about the brightly colored clutches to add to my store. As we head into winter things can get dark and dreary and nothing brightens a day like a cute little clutch.
Some may want to combat the gloomy days with bright colored prints on clothing. While this is a good idea I’m a little print shy. I’m not into that all over print look as they can look dated very quickly. An accessory with a little panache is more to my liking and they’re usually budget friendly. I’m going to spend the day perusing clutches, evening bags and such, I love my job!
The pattern of this leather is beautiful, totally edgy

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Were They Thinking?

Try walking through a crowded store with this baby

Now I’m not going to declare myself the great arbiter of taste. I’ve made my fair share of fashion mistakes, although I’m not going to mention them here. What gets me is when a designer makes a fashion mistake. Especially those designers or design houses that are known for classic style and clothes that we all covet. You can pick just about anyone and find a fashion faux pas or two. Today I will examine handbags.


Now I love a good handbag. I’m a particular fan of Dooney & Bourke because their style is simple, durable and at affordable prices. I have several that I rotate through to prolong their lives. I also love Chanel, who doesn’t? I’m particularly fond of the quilted bag that Chanel made ultra-famous. It’s a classic style that will last a lifetime. On the other hand the Chanel Hula Hoop bag will not. It is a huge monstrosity made from a hula hoop with a Chanel bag slung in the middle. Not only is it cumbersome, it’s downright ugly.


 Notice the blanket on the right...

The next entry in the ugly handbag competition comes courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana. It is an unassuming handbag made from Grandma’s crocheted blanket. Not that I have anything against Grandma’s crochet work, but this bag doesn’t look designer. I’m sure they were trying to capture that bohemian look of large colorful flowers found in crocheted blankets of the 60s and 70s, but it just didn’t translate. Instead you have an expensive handbag that looks like you dug it out of your mother’s closet and there was a reason she buried it there.


Last on the list is the Tom Ford Skunk fur bag. I’ve seen some fur handbags and I have to admit it’s hard to do right. If the fur gets too shaggy you end up looking like your dragging around road kill. You also don’t want to go anywhere near patchwork, too 70s streetwalker. Tom Ford used or mimicked the fur of a skunk for his bag and I have to say that’s just weird. Your mind tells you it’s smelly even though it’s not, plus the fur pattern is not that attractive. So basically I saw these handbags and thought I would ask the world “what were they thinking?” Although I should give them a break, it’s hard to come up with a winning design every time.
Did they actually capture, kill and skin a skunk for this bag?