Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Would You Wear a Jumpsuit?

Not sure if they pull off this look...

For some bizarre reason designer keep pushing the jumpsuit. There have also been many famous people sporting this attire. Not that some of those who don a jumpsuit aren’t super cute in them, it’s just that a majority of those who wear a jumpsuit look odd. Let’s face it; no one wants to look odd unless they intend to look odd. Halloween costumes aside, the jumpsuit just lends itself to looking out of the ordinary.


I personally equate jumpsuits with mechanics, skydivers and clean room workers. How many times have we seen a guy or gal wearing a jumpsuit in the movies? They are always the one that remains nameless and faceless. A group of cogs doing their job for some sinister government agency or the down to earth person trying to help out, their jumpsuit is a symbol of their attitude. They care more for others than themselves, hence the jumpsuit is a utilitarian uniform meant for service and comfort, not style.

 Jumpsuits on the runway

The celebrities that walk at events who wear a jumpsuit wear them strictly for style. They are trying to impress us with their taste and of course their ability to pull off a really hard sell. Some look fabulous, the fit is correct and the colors perfect. They have accessorized just right, not too much. A jumpsuit can get overwhelmed quickly with accessories. Then there are those who wear a jumpsuit that is ill fitting and they lose the battle right away. Apparently fit is critical. You actually don’t want to look like a clean room worker.


For me the jumpsuit is way too much work to try and figure out. I don’t need another complicated outfit to wear. In fact, I don’t have too many complicated outfits, it’s too much work. Besides, what a pain every time you want to go to the bathroom. You have to get completely undressed? If I want a jumpsuit look I’ll just buy a pair of pants and a top in the same print or color, way easier and if you need to use the restroom it’s a snap.
The gang in the clean room, yes those are jumpsuits

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