Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wear White This Winter

Boots and white jeans, love the jacket!

Yes it is possible to wear white during the winter. It’s actually quite a striking look and while totally doable, it does need a little tweaking to make it winter ready. Nothing says summer faster than a white light fabric that floats. Whatever white piece you choose to wear during the winter it must match the season. That means fabrics that are made for cold and damp weather. Heavy tweeds, leather or denim are perfect for winter.


Now it’s not that you can’t pick a fabric that is lightweight. There is nothing wrong with wearing a sheer blouse with a black leather skirt during the winter. Just make sure that there is something underneath that sheer blouse, no flashing allowed. Keep in mind that this outfit can be worn with tights and boots for a true winter feel. A cute tweed or denim jacket over it all doesn’t hurt either.

 White jeans and black leather

The best look for white during the winter is white denim. We all have a pair of white denim jeans in our closet that we would love to get some mileage out of but aren’t sure how to wear them. You can wear white denim jeans with a bulky fisherman’s sweater in cream or ivory. Pair it with some brown or tan suede Chelsea boots and top it off with a blue denim or black leather jacket. A cute, fun and casual look for any winter day, perfect for going out shopping or sightseeing.


White is a difficult color to pull off even during the summer let alone winter. Did I mention grass stains, mud and cranberry sauce? It is a look that you can wear after Labor Day if done right. Those old fashion rules don’t really stand tall anymore. Eclectic fashion and creativity are on trend and why not be creative with the color white. If you’re not as daring try a very light ivory or beige and mix it up with other colors, after all, white goes with everything.
White jeans go out for cocktails

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  1. Now I need to drop 10 lbs so I can get my white jeans out! They would be perfect with a black blazer and boots!