Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year in Fashion

Street Fashion New York

I could write a blog about the past year in fashion and the people who made a fashion statement. Pippa Middleton’s Maid of Honor dress comes to mind. So does anything Lady Gaga wore in public as well as at a concert. Those are the easy picks, the fashion statements that stand out. Even my hubby can recall those fashion moments. The real hard fashion moment picks are the ones that changed our lives. I’m talking about the fashion trends that became staples of your own wardrobe.


It’s really hard to say which fashion trends appeared relevant this year. I know I became a fan of the skinny jean or legging tucked into a pair of boots. Although I remember a time eons ago that was very similar, the boots may have been taller, with a heel and form fitting, but you still tucked your jeans into your boots. That’s the funny things about fashion, it’s cyclical. Trends come and go and then come around again.

 Street Fashion Stockholm

Jewelry has had a tough year. So many styles have become trendy and others never took off. I have a few pieces that I loved but didn’t seem to appeal to anyone else. Organic looking jewelry with rough edges and asymmetrical shapes took off and there was even resurgence in pearls, a jewelry standby. Colored gemstones were hot and so were fancy diamonds. Think La Vien and their multitude of colored stone rings.


No matter which way you slice it a fashion trend that you found and loved this year is your own fashion moment. It could be that one piece you bought or those shoes you couldn’t live without, these are the pieces of our own year in fashion. It doesn’t matter what some celebrity wore to a gala or the size of the stone in their ring, real fashion is the clothes real people wear every day. So forget about the rich and/or famous, be your own trendsetter and wear what matters to you and make every year your year in fashion.
Street Fashion Korea
Fashion is universal!

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